Friday, 26 August 2011

All about Eyeko !

Im not going to lie , when i first saw Eyeko i didnt really feel like i could trust this brand . Firstly because the website seemed to have a few stuff and secondly because the prices were so low. 
I decided to try Eyeko out and order only a few stuff and see how it goes ..

So first of all it came in a small white jiffy bag and took about one and half weeks to get here to Greece oh and of course free delivery , no matter how much you spend. 
Inside the parcel i got two sheets that are to do with returns and receipts. 
I also got two Eyeko postcards which are fantastic!

I decided to purchase the Fat balms as they look like something i would love ( oh and they are).
I got one in 'Minty' and one in 'Toffee' . 

Now the minty one is in a light pink color .
I like lip balms that are tinted , the reason being is a) because i can wear them as an alternative to lipstick to give me a more natural look. 
b) i use them to prep my lips as a base for applying a lipstick color that is similar to the color lip balm im wearing . I have found not only does it keep my lips soft but also helps lipstick last longer and stay brighter. 
This lip balm can also be used for cheeks , now personally i dont like cream blushes so ill only be wearing this as a lip balm. 

The next color is Toffee which is a brown color , it actually matches perfect with the lipgloss i have in (Mayfair). 
I got this kind of color to create a bronzed look/ nude. 





The balms have great smells also , even though im not a fan of mint i love the feeling of mint on my lips - i guess it makes me feel like i have fresh breath. It actually tingles my lips a little bit as well which i love. 
They apply very smoothly on your lips and finish with a high natural shine and color. 
The toffee has a very natural lips finish .

The lipgloss was sent to me free as my ambassadors gift with the code i used. 
It is in the color Mayfair.
It has again high shine and top of the Toffee lip balm look fantastic. 
Its very hydrating on my lips but you only need a little bit otherwise it looks cakey as it is very pigmented  and has a thick texture. 

'Mayfair' (its lighter than this)

'Toffee underneath Mayfair'
As mentioned before i have completely fallen in love with Eyeko and i will be ordering more so watch out !!

Fat Balm - 7.50 euro 
Lipgloss - 7.00 euro

Enter E17355 at the checkout to get your free gift .

Eyeko Beauty - London's Cutest Cosmetics!


  1. Fainontai poly kala!
    To free shipping einai panta deleastiko!

  2. Interesting stuff! How come you didn't pick any of their nail polishes? They're too cute to pass by!

  3. @artemi to ksero to free shipping einai pandote bonus ondos !!

    @kostantina tzortzi thank you !!

    @cbsg5861 because i thought i was going to get one for free as my ambassador gift !! have you tried them ? are they good ?!