Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Apivita Express Gold Eye Patches. 4/5

Hi guys !!
So as i had informed you Apivita had/has an offer on when you buy 2 masks (from the selection they have chosen) you get 1 free being the Express Gold Eye patch . I tried them out last night and heres my thoughts on them. 

To start off with the packaging i love , its so luxurious the pink and black foily clash. 
The other thing i love is the material of the patches which is good quality. 
When you open your packet you will find on a piece of plastic attached to it will be two eye patches . 

You then have to take off these eye patches and you will notice if you can see on the photo they are covered in a jelly like substance which is not sticky (great news). 

You then have to place them below your eye and let them sit for 15 mins. 

Youre done !!

Now i just want to add before i move on the packet recommends you use these 2-3 times a week , now this actually costs 5.40 euro. Personally its an expensive hobby 16 euro a week , its not the kind of thing i would do ...I would prefer to splash it on a good eye cream instead and make a DIY eye mask for the rest of the days. 

Regardless of that , i didnt see a huge difference in my eyes afterwards but i did feel them firmer, refreshed and more moisturized. 
Its free off Parabens , Sylicones and Propylene Glycol. 

The verdict ?! 
Its one of them products i would keep in mind to buy again and i would love it if you bought me them but i wouldnt buy them every week.

To buy click here.

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