Friday, 12 August 2011

Bioten BodyShape Anti Cellulite Cream 5/5

To start off with lets begin by saying that im not a huge believer in cellulite creams. 
There is no cream out there that can vanish cellulite in my opinion and if there is please leave a comment below and share your secret with me. 
However i do believe that there are creams that help IMPROVE the appearance of cellulite against your skin. 
(thats is my theory!) 

Lets begin!
So this was sent to me by the lovely and affordable company Bioten . 
It contains Green Coffee and is supposed to fight the orange peel effect. 
For anyone who doesnt know what the orange peel effect is , its basically when you pinch your skin , the texture of the skin is smooth but when you have orange peel effect on your skin you pinch it and it becomes rippled and all dimply. (like an orange)
This also claims that after 4 weeks you can lose up to 3cm and it has been proven. 

To start off with im not going to lie you are supposed to put this on once to twice a day , i didnt do this . 
Im sadly not the kind of person who will sit and put cream on themselves all day , i put it on 3 times a week and thats a lot in my books. So im not going to comment on the whole if i lost 3 cm part . 

I would like to say that this cream is good because it did help improve the appearance of cellulite on my legs and i felt it almost toned them as well. They looked better on a whole. The smell is fine i would say discreet so it wont bother you if your like me and cant stand strong smelling items. The texture is thick and white which means you have to massage it really well into your skin for it to be soaked in. It comes in a box which can be shown in the photos below .Its also Paraben Free !!

I recommend it 100% its one of them creams that do just the same as other but with a smaller price tag. 
Retails at only 9.95 euro 
Available practically everywhere here in Greece .
For more details visit ...

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