Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bioten Skin Defense Anti Wrinkle Day Cream spf 15 4/5

I have so many reviews to do !!
So enjoy probably for the next week or so about a dozen reviews , but hey its better than nothing right ?

Ok so lets begin !
Here are the facts about this cream .
  • It has Spf 15 !
  • Its anti wrinkle (reduces fine wrinkles and expression lines )
  • It has an Antioxidant effect.
  • Pomegranate & omega complex.
  • Paraben/Parafin free and is dermatologically tested .  
  • Recommended for 35-45 (age range) 
  • Its for Normal to Combination Skin.
  • Protects the skin from premature aging and reverse the signs of time.
  • Its a good base for make up (no oil) 
  • Apply every day to a cleansed face and neck and massage.

I think thats about it from the facts . 
Heres my opinion...

To start off with i love the packaging even though its simple and not exactly luxurious , it is soooo informative. Both sides of the cardboard box it comes in has English and Greek which is good for someone who maybe isnt so familiar with Greek. Its also really good for beginners as all the information is on the box clearly . For example the age range that is recommended for this cream, how to apply the cream, how it works and what it does. I like the fact its on the box actually because you dont have to buy it to go home and read what its all about , its very simple you pick it up from the shelf you read it , you like it you buy it you dont you put it back. The container itself is very basic and simple and easy to use. 

The cream itself is very creamy and good . Its a white colored paste as you can see in the photos and the container contains a generous amount of product i would say for the price you get it. This cream does do its job , its more light i would say than heavy and it has no parabens. All you girls out there who cant afford to buy good , healthy products for your skin this is a 'steal' lets call it for higher brand creams. Its that healthy cream everyone wants !It has spf in which is an added bonus to this cream because its also protecting you from the sun and keeping your pockets full in the sense that you dont have to go splash out some extra money for some suncream.  I personally recommend this for ages 20 and above because as the label says 'it reduces fine lines' , my beauty teacher used to say dont wait until you get them , treat them from now !! 

It loses a point because i wish the packaging was more attractive , i mean the color scheme and also just in general i would really like to see Bioten get some more luxurious packaging for their creams i think it would attract more people. 

Bioten can be bought practically everywhere in Greece . 
For more information..

9.95 euro to buy this cream 
you can also get it for other type of skin tones .


  1. It can be a bit sticky for the oily Wrinkle Cream skinned people and can be very moisturizing for the dry skinned people at the same time.

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