Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bioten Skin moisture 4/5

I was sent this cream by Bioten to test out and heres what i thought. 
This is a moisturizing day cream thats refreshes and revitalizes the skin with the ingredients quince nectar and vitamin E may i add as well this is a paraben free product.
This product is recommended for normal to combination skin and for ages 25-35. 

I have gone into detail before about Bioten other face creams and my thoughts so i will be very brief but for anyone who wants the detail ill link below. 
I found the packaging again very informative as it comes in 2 languages plus it is basically a great cream for someone who doesnt know their skincare and needs help in choosing a cream because of all of the information on the box. 

Now personally i think this cream is good for all ages for the 'instant moisture need' we at some point all need. I like moisture creams for the fact that they almost remind me of a mask , you need to get those extra vitamins going on your face instead of spending money on buying masks invest in a face cream and apply every so often. Especially now that it is summer the only cream i have been using is my 'Lancaster anti ageing suncream' and any moisture cream i have. I personally have oily skin and i apply these creams around twice a week and during winter once a week !

Moving on to the product , the product itself has a refreshing and discreet smell to it. (which i love) The cream is neither too thick neither to watery but once blended almost turns watery. It is absorbed instantly by your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and revitalized. Yes i do find it does its job and that you get what you pay for , again i will mention what i love about Bioten is the fantastic price range and quality you get. Theres not a lot of products out there that cost 10 euro and are paraben free and give you great results sadly. 
The only reason it lost a point for me is because i wish the packaging color scheme was more colorful and attractive . 

To buy this product visit
or visit your local supermarket or beauty center. 

This product costs 5.95 euro . 

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