Thursday, 4 August 2011

Elle Sep11 Magazine & Good Tip

Hi girls !
I want to talk about a subject today that is very important and is effecting people all over the world , especially Greece. 

Im 100% sure there are girls out there who read these blogs and dont have enough money to buy the new mac blusher or the Armani perfume but i want you to know you arent the only ones out there. I can imagine how you are all feeling like, so out of place and that you just dont fit in. 

But you're wrong!

There are plenty of ways to own these high end things and i have a great tip, so keep reading. 
If any of you are offended , please dont be . This post is coming from my heart and if you know me well you will know i am the kind of person who likes helping people even animals. Whats my motivation ? My motivation is thinking how i would feel in their position , think before you act. 

Magazines & their free gifts. 
This is going to be from now on a new blogpost , everytime i buy a magazine im going to mention it and let you know what i got free so you can get it if your interested. 
If you dont do this already then do it !! I certainly do it regardless of wether i have money or not . Heres the fact if a magazine costs 6 euro and its giving you a cream that would cost at least 10 euro , if you go to the shop and buy it for 15 euro , well .. i guess your stupid. Keep your eyes open especially here in Greece they give full size products and its totally worth buying a magazine just for the product. 

Elle Magazine Sep11 Issue .
Free Bag , Top and Vichy Nutri Extra Cream 100ml Paraben Free.
5.40 euro 
Go get it if youre interested !! 

The 200 ml version of this costs 13 euro. 
oh and you get a free sample inside of the Le Petit Marseiliais Shampoo. (10ml)
Im certain i will be using the Vichy Cream , the sample and the top (for either dying my hair or for the beach). The bag i will give to someone !!

Have you bought this issue and if so which of the items will you be using ?!

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