Friday, 12 August 2011

I wanna Go Look and Fame Extensions !

Britney Spears here has a smokey eye that is discreet and just on the lower lid and pink lipstick with some contouring on her cheekbones.
Her hair probably has hair extensions like i do in my hair and some color strip extensions in her hair to create kind of like a rock look. 
Heres my result !

Ok so im the complete opposite of Britney Spears . 
But you get the point.

So to create this look this is what you need to do:
Start off by applying your foundation . 
The contour your cheeks with bronzer .
Then Fill in your eyebrows lightly. 
Apply a light grey shadow on your top& lower lid and then on top a darker shadow such as a black. 
Then blend these all together to create a smokey look. 
Apply some black thick eyeliner around your eyes and blend with a brush. 
Apply Mascara .
A pink lipstick and a little bit of gloss.
And your done!!

To create the hair look straighten all your hair and apply some hair extensions to create the length and then randomly place in 4-6 strips of colored extensions in your hair to create that I wanna goooo look !!

Fame Extensions Review 5/5 
The quality is so good for these extensions !!
You get a lot of pieces with these hair extensions which to be honest first time i have seen. I normally used to order extensions and get about 4 pieces this gives you over 8 pieces. 
They are super soft and real looking. 
Myne are 18" from the Diamond Collection.
in no. #2 
To buy click here .
Only £28.99

The other thing im wearing are these colored strips which are fantabulous !
This are so fun and handy if you want to add instant highlights to your hair or just want to temporarily change your look for a night out !
Myne are 20" and are the Safari Collection . 
I have 2x burgundy color, 2x light brown color and 2x orange color. 
Starting Price is £4.99 
To buy click here 

Fame Extensions was also featured in the more magazine as a celebrity favorite!


  1. Para polu wraio k ta kataferes polu kala! :D
    Episis polu wraia k t exte! ;)