Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Kastoria Vlog and a haul !

Hi guys !
So i went to Kastoria yesterday and guess what i fell in love. The city is so beautiful with its lake in the middle it almost gives you that feeling you get when you are on an island. I always like to share with you guys some of the places i go and the things i see, so enjoy the following from Kastoria. 

Isnt it beautiful !!
I would really like to go again in the future and stay over because apparently at night its even better. 
As a beauty blogger i did do my research and some shopping , the only really big branded shops are Body Shop and Hondos Center. 
Heres a few things i got as shown below. 
Dior Mascara Black Out 31.87 euro 
Tea Tree Facial cleansing wipes by Body Shop 5 euro 
Organic Cotton Pads By Body Shop 4 euro.

Of course all of these things will be put to the test and ill let you know how i got on with them !!
Kisses xo

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