Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion 5/5

This is 125 ml . 
It full size and it comes as you see it (without a box).
All information can be found on its label. 
It for normal to oily skin. 

To start off with i have normal to oily skin and i do suffer from occasional break outs , so just so you know which point of view im coming from.
What i love about this formula is that it is lightweight almost gel like which i love in creams because they always lighter and cleaner for some reason for my pores. 
It has an alcohol like smell to it , i cant describe it i mean its not like your normal cream that smells of flowers or whatever it smells like i dont know what the word is. haha The point is that it smells strong but in a discreet way ... (if that makes sense) .

The packaging for Kiehls is very simple and plain and i feel like they do this because of the fact they originate from a pharmacy and most medicines are quite discreet in their packaging , maybe thats because Kiehls feels like this is one of them products that works and that they dont need to make the outside look attractive for someone to buy their products. I would really love it if they could maybe add a little extra glam to their bottles but hey its the inside that counts i guess. 

The product itself is amazing. I recommend this cream in particular for under neath your make up . Why ? Because it controls shine , which means no having to get up every 5 minutes and powder that oily skin of yours. Its very light so it doesnt cause any irritation with they way makeup is applied or reacts to this product. I feel it has made my breakouts cool down a bit and the good thing also is that it doesnt dry your skin like some creams do. It keeps it moisturized and looking the way it should but minus the shine!! I prefer to apply this in the morning for the whole day and on the night time wear a different cream that helps perfect your skin to whatever needs it has. Please everyone do try this out especially acne sufferers i really think you'll love this. 

To buy , purchase at ..
Purchase at Kolonaki and Glyfada Hondos Center and Attica Derpatment Stores 
For anyone outside of Greece then follow the link below to find out more information for your local store. 
Get your updates at the below link!

This costs around 29 euro !

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