Friday, 5 August 2011

Korres Myrtle and Citronella emulsion 4/5

The mosquitos have not been living me alone this summer. 
(I wish Edward Cullen was sucking my blood instead of these little creatures) 
I went to the pharmacy to buy some sort of spray to stop this as im not really a fan of the plug ins (i feel like were breathing in all these nasty chemicals !) Anyway so i found this and decided to try it out. 

It costs 7,70 euro .
Its Paraben , Mineral Oil , Silicone , Propylene Glycol and Ethanolamine free. 
Its 125 ml .
It has myrtle , Andiroba oils and Neem tree extract in. 
It smells Citrus / Lemon like. 

I found it worked to a certain extent . 
I didnt get bit but who wants to smell like lemon all day .
This is what really annoyed me , i would have a shower smell so nice and then i would cover myself in this emulsion. It smells a lot too. I wouldnt buy this again due to this fact and thats why it lost a point for me. 
Maybe next year i will invest in a candle that smells good and gets rid off mosquitos. 

It does do its a job though, my bf who is nearly finished in the army he used to come back all the time with red rashes all over him. I said to him what these were and he said its from the beds in the army they arent clean enough and they have bed lice or whatever you call them. He actually takes two bed sheets with him and they still manage to bite him imagine...So i said to him here take this spray (he loves Korres) and put it on you before you lie down. He did and guess what he came back with nothing , he said they didnt bite him when he was wearing this spray !!

It does work , but can you stand the smell guys ?!
Let me know if you have tried this or anything similar !!

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