Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Korres Reviews

I have two Korres products here with me that i have been trying out , first one is the Korres soothing mix for all insect bites and the second one is the Korres Body Scrub Watermelon.
Heres what i thought of them...

Korres Soothing mix for all insect bites (Melissa) 2/5
I purchased this i think for about 3 euro from my local chemist . 
I love the packaging its very handy and informative and can be taken anywhere with you .
The packaging also is nicely decorated and is very child appealing with the dinosaur on the back . If you have kids and have trouble putting medicine on their bites then this is a good and appealing product. 
The smell of it is like a medicine kind of smell , its not something that smells of flowers or fruit. 
The smell didnt put me off , it was quite soothing and discreet. 
The problem we had (me and my boyfriend who were constantly attacked by mosquitos) is that it was so hard to get the product out of the bottle . The bottle itself has a roller which is good but for some reason it was hard to get the product out ... You had to roll it for about 30 seconds on your skin to help get the product out of the bottle and onto your skin. 
The product itself i felt it didnt do anything to my mosquito bites. I did an experiment on my mosquito bite , i put enough on to cover the bite and left it and topped it up every 5 hours , the size of it didnt decrease and neither it it take away the redness. The only thing i found with this product is it helped the bite stop being itchy ! I personally wouldnt go out and buy this again and next year i hope to find a newer product to help against my attack of mosquitos . 
My boyfriend agrees with me and says only for the itching this product worked !

Korres Body Scrub Watermelon 4/5
This costs around 10 euro , i cant remember well and its in the fragrance Watermelon. 
Obviously for anyone who doesnt know well Korres their latest products are paraben free, no animal testing , suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the list continues. (to see more about the list click on the photograph showing the back side of the product and zoom into the dark brown box box to read it all ).

I love the packaging , smooth , waterproof and very attractive. It is very informative which is another bonus and has a lot of product 150 ml which last around a month or two (depends on how much you use and how often). The smell is a very fruity type of watermelon you can almost taste the sweetness in the smell, and is a white with black exfoliating granules kind of texture. The scrrub itself does its job in my opinion , i think its very good for the body leaves it soft and cleansed and is also great for before shaving your legs (to help get those 'trapped' hairs out of their sockets.) The only thing i have found with this is that it needs a really good rinse off because the granules are quite hard to get rid off. Even though i love most things about this product i would really like to see it in a tub form of packaging , i find the tubs so much easier to grab and place on your skin rather than having to squeeze the bottle and put the lid on again. (but thats just my opinion right?!) I dont know what it is but i feel like there is something missing from this product to make me give it 5/5 ! Yes i would buy this again :)


  1. Latreuw Korres!!!
    Oi skies wetnwild einai para poly pigmented kai me primer kratane mia xara!
    To mono kako pou vriskw einai oti exoun fallout, alla apo tin alli, to idio fallout exei k i naked palette mou :/

  2. A, k ti kalo to dinosauraki, hahaha

  3. love this watermelon scrub too!! thank you for sharing your dreams in my blog, dear!!

  4. I so want to try out the Watermelon scrub, I love anything with watermelon or melon scent! As for the inseect repellent, I'm way better with my chemical-ful Fenistil gel. Works every time ;)

  5. Emena pou me eixe faei ena kounoupi tigris k eixe pristei k eixe petaxtei k h fleva mou(sorry gia ts anatrixiastikes leptomeries) to evaza sunexeia k eutuxws suniltha!! :P
    oso gia t scrub eimai periergi na to dokimasw!

  6. @Y naked palette gia mena einai teleio kai sindoma tha kano review ! wet and wild tha kanoniso na dokimaso kapia stigmi...

    @citygirl youre welcome !

    @cbsg5861 next year remind me to buy that mosquito bite cream and you will really like the scrub !

    @fashionsugarbubbles na sou pw tin alitheia kai emena me tsipise kai pristike to xeri mou tora ama itan teteio kounoupi den ksero kai evaza afto tou korres kai tpt den ekane ! Eilikrina ta kounoupia exoun katastrepsi ta podia mou exo gemisi pandou simadia . Prepi na kano boliko scrub kai poli krema sta podia na iremisoun pali !!To scrub na to dokimaseis !!

  7. Ola ta proionta tis Korres einai ena kai ena.. Scrub swmatos den exw dokimasei akoma alla an einai san ta upoloipa proiontas tis tha einai sigoura teleio!! :)

  8. @claire d. t o korres gia mena exei ta kalitera scrub kai gia prosopo kai gia soma ! ala pistevo kati leipei apo ta scrub tous !! o korres mas exei olous addicted !!