Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lancaster SPF 6 Face Cream 2/5

This is a quick review of the Lancaster sun cream for the face. 
The truth is i got this free from Vogue , i think it was in June because of the fact that my sun cream was running out and i thought instead of buying one , to just purchase this magazine and get this full sized product.

It SPF 6 .
Claims to anti age the face and to keep it hydrated. 

It does have low protection but the thing i am mostly looking for which i now is bad as protection comes first is that it sits on my face and reacts to my face well. 
I have acne prone skin so thinks can go bam in a matter of seconds.
Its really important to me and is number one that i feel comfortable with whatever im putting on my face. 

Lets begin reviewing !!
What i liked about this product was the container , it is very easy to use , lightweight and very clean looking and staying. 
The color scheme is very nice as well, reminds me off summer.
The quality of the product inside is good but to a certain extent...
I didnt like the smell of it , it was nothing nice and i cant even describe it but the point is it was very strong. 
The product did its job but i didnt like the thickness of it neither the way it sat on my skin. 
It almost felt like i was putting a lump of goo on my face, that didnt in anyway feel nice and healthy for my skin. 
Maybe im being too dramatic but i really didnt like it that much and i was really disappointed as Lancaster is a well known and high quality brand. 
Its very expensive as well...
It left a shiny looking appearance on my skin as well which i didnt like. 

Im glad i had an opportunity from Vogue magazine to try this out for free but i wouldnt buy this product , sorry Lancaster. 
This can be bought from Hondos Center ... if anyone is interested. 
Expect to pay around 20-30 euro for this. 

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