Sunday, 7 August 2011

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer 4/5

I was sent this by Murad to try out , it is a Skin Perfecting Primer. 
It has a matte finish. 

So heres what its all about...
It creates a matte finish to your skin with its oil free formula and leaves your skin shine free. 
It creates a smooth texture on your skin and an even skins out and minimizes pores. 
Its basically trying to get the message across that you can put all your skin problems at pause whilst wearing this primer. 
Now you wear this under your foundation or just without it and you apply it on your face and neck to create this fresh look.

Heres what i thought !
First of all i want to compliment the packaging , its really classy , bold and sophisticated. The packaging is also very easy to use. 
I found this product did reduce my pore size , i did see a big difference in them. 
This product in general think of it as a lightweight foundation , it doesnt cover up anything but it does revive your skin tone.
It did help my makeup stay in place longer and helped in smoothing out my skin and creating a nice canvas for my face. 
It has no fragrance which i really liked and i love the matte (powder) finish it has. 

What i didnt like was that i didnt see the point in it having a foundation in it. I wish it was a clear formula that felt lighter on my face because from the moment im applying foundation i instantly feel once again like im wearing makeup. The price also let me down, im not saying its not worth it as it is but i would not pay 38 euro for this . Im not saying this in a bad way its just with 38 euro i could probably get a better primer and i know for a fact this primer can be found cheaper with the same results from a different brand. 

The point is if you have money you want to splash , then splash out on this as its totally worth it . If you have less money i would say just buy a cheaper brand that gives you the same results. 

How do i feel about Murad? 
I would buy a product again from their range but it would probably be skincare. 

For anyone interested in buying this please visit the link below if youre in the UK.



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