Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Tag and Award Coming Soon!

Im very excited to announce Glitter me Up and Make Up Vibes are going to be starting off a new tag and changing your bad habits hopefully. 
Im sure if you look in your beauty storage you have a ton of stuff that you dont use, like or have abandoned. 
Lets put a stop to this together. 

Korina and I are asking you people to find 5 items (makeup , creams , hair styling ..anything to do with beauty) that are at least half full and decent to swap with someone. Now im not going to go through the rules till the day we launch this tag which should be in about 2 weeks maximum hopefully. 
So what can you do for now ?! 
Leave a comment below let me know your interested and to be first in the queue for the tag !
Have 5 items you dont want . 
If possible find another blogger , family friend , friend etc thats interested in doing this with you. 
Be on stand by !
Soon as we do our post we will let you know the rules and we can get tagging and sharing!

The whole point of this is instead of throwing it away give it to someone who maybe doesnt have enough money to buy this item , who doesnt have this store near them for that item or who simply is looking to fall in love with another product. 

Your rubbish is someone else's treasure!

Just leave a comment below and let me know if your interested to help the environment and peoples pocket !!

You will all be awarded with an eco friendly blogger award as well :) 


  1. nice great idea!!!just put it in greece too please because doesn't everyone in facebook know english

  2. Brilliant...I'll follow your blogs..and i like your idea.