Monday, 1 August 2011

Vlog Ioannina & Ikea mini haul

Hi guys !!
We decided to go on a small day trip to Ioannina mostly to go check out Ikea and also have a small browse of the lake. 
To start off with we went to the lake as you can see in the photograph below behind me is the lake which was really dirty and gooey which was kinda disappointing. 

This is me and my dog :) 

You will notice i didnt really take many photos of Ioannina because there wasnt really much to see , so sorry guys. After the lake we went on a journey to try and find Ikea and we eventually found it after 30 mins and here are some items i purchased. (great bargains) .
Oh and of course i had meatballs for my dinner , if you havent tried them please do !

Yes i got 2 items ( a photo frame and a candle) and a lovely sticker !

My nail is not yellow by the way , its stained from nail varnish !!

Candle is called Tindra .  My boyfriend got one in vanilla scent .

Double Photo frame which is fab ! 

Its called Ribba and is white colored framed.

The back of the photo frame can stand or can be hanged. 

Photo frame : 2 euro 
Candle : 2 euro (which by the way is fantastic) 
Sticker: I got it free from the checkout.

I know its not a huge shopping spree , i didnt intend to go to Ikea to buy i just was browsing. I thought these 2 items might interest you and inspire you to go purchase something similar ! 

If you have an Ikea near you go shop there dont go give 20 euro for a photo frame that you can buy in Ikea for 5 euro. The candle is also really good , it smells fab- i wish i had purchased more. 

Hope you enjoyed this mini vlog ! 

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