Saturday, 10 September 2011

Beauty and Fashion News you should know about !

Once again i have some beauty and fashion news i would like to share with you , i havent tried any of these products out and i am not in any way recommending them ,just letting you know about them , Enjoy! Glitter me up xo

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Supposedly wearing an oily texture product on your oily skin breaks you out and blocks your pores. Kiehls have proof that this myth isnt true with their product Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Celebrities such as Chloe Sevigny , Uma Thurman and Jordan Sparks are amongst people in the world who are praising this product for its results !

44.98 euro for 30ml 
Buy at Hondos Center, Kolonaki , Glyfada and the Attica Detpatment Store. 
For more information check them out here !

Giorgio Armani & Biotherm sponsors of the 1ou Spetses Marathon

Giorgio Armani with their fragrance Armani Code Sport 

Biotherm with their Facial skin care line Skin.Ergetic .

Will be sponsoring the 1st Mini Marathon of Spetses which will take place at Spetses, Greece on October the 16th!

For more details check out the below links !

Lancome Trezor Midnight Rose 

TV Spot with Emma Watson , discover more at the below link!

Lancome Vissionare  in the Daily Express

Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton are set to be the first women in the UK to try the new miracle beauty potion!


  1. I would love to try that kiehl's serum, i;m starting to have a thing for serums!

  2. teleio post!! xairomai pou sou aresoun ta sets mou!! :)

  3. @Y the kiehls serum and the lancome 'wonder miracle potion' sounds like something i would like to try !

    @City Girl Euxaristo poli kai tipota ! :)