Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hello there Beautiful People !
Im writing for all of you today to inform you about a company and their products and my reviews for their two items they sent me.
Im going to make this clear once , i am never paid to do reviews and i always speak 100% truth. 

Dermaroller is a company that specializes in lots of treatments for the face and the body. Some of their most popular items you might have heard off are the beauty mouse and the dermaroller which are to help get rid off cellulite. Their face creams are also know for their great results they have provided to people , they have been featured in magazines outside of Greece as well as from Greece. The great thing with this company is that they dont test on animals and most of their products are paraben free!
For more information check out their website and facebook page.

This is what i was sent by the company...

It is the Cool Mask (one sachet) which was created especially for tired and dehydrated skin and it  is based on innovative technology Hydrolizing that allows for an intense and deep moisturizing  and nourishing to the skin. The soft sheet of silk that makes up the Cool Mask is enriched with peptides and hyaluronic acid synthesis due to be released gradually over the quantity ofserum which is soaked, restoring moisture and nourishment of the cells.

The other item i was sent is called the Lipopeptide Collagen Booster which is a Biotech product that contains active ingredients to hydrate ,nourish and restore the skin.Rich Tokoferolesknown for their antioxidant action, Yalouroniko acid and Retinol, it acts effectively to the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. All of its ingredients are certified organic and are paraben and petrochemical free and the formula is neutral and hypoallergenic. 

Review Time !
So that was just some information i thought you might find handy to know and here is how i got on with these products !

Cool Mask  4/5
This has got to be the most complicated mask i have ever placed on my face, the truth has to be said ! The instructions confused me a bit but i can tell you the results were great ! There are 3 layers to this mask , the first one is a plastic layer with holes , the second is a thin sheet and the 3rd is this silky textured material . The truth is i had a blonde moment , i put on the mask with its 3 layers waited around and said hmmm something is not right , then took the plastic off and again said something is not right hahahaha . When i finally put the silky layer on my face it was perfect , it kind of dried to the shape of your face and was very cooling. The results were great , before i had put this mask on i was having a bad skin day , there was lots of redness everywhere from breakouts as soon as i took this mask off after 30 minutes my skin was back to normal. I felt my skin refreshed , tight and very renewed! I would personally buy this again the only thing that i would like to see is them selling these masks separately because the set is quite expensive. 

4x masks +1 free 
Was 60 Now 49 euro 

(the box set) 

Lipopeptide Collagen Booster 4/5
This product is for the face and is supposed to be applied once the skin has been cleansed and has to be gently massaged onto the skin. I found when i first applied this it caused my skin to break out , now i have noticed this with a lot of creams so it doesnt really shock me the point is that after about a week it should go back to normal, which it did for me. I found it helped make my skin feel very tight (in a nice way) and refreshed. The texture of the product is a yellow like serum which is light and you literally only need a little bit of this , it does have a weird smell which isnt strong but neither discreet. I applied this to my skin twice a week due to the fact , my skin still doesnt have any wrinkles (im 20 years old) but that doesnt mean i dont use anti wrinkle type creams because a lot of experts say you should start as young as possible and i agree with this theory but not a frequent basis. So twice a week and i massaged it into spots i especially noticed were ready to break and of course my neck ! I really like this product for its antioxidant kind of action because i feel like it renews my skin which is what i liked . The packaging is very easy and comfortable to use but i find the bottle not to be that attractive , if i was to see this at the shops i probably wouldnt pay any attention to it , the truth is.Would i buy this again, yes i would buy it but i necessarily wouldnt run out to buy this product. The price is quite off putting even though i know the facts deserve it and the ingredients but i really think it needs to make the packaging a bit more fancy.
FROM 59 euro 
NOW 44 euro

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  2. Χμ...η μάσκα μοιάζει καλή...με ενθουσιάζει η ιδέα... ίσως κάποια στιγμή να τη δοκιμάσω κ εγώ!

  3. Great review!


  4. Um, wow, impressive color, lol! :D
    I usually prefer to trust mpre known skincare brands to protect and nourish my skin, especially with these prices.

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