Friday, 2 September 2011

Eco Friendly Blogger Award goes to ...

Morning Guys !
So me and Korina decided to do a new blog award/ tag. Its to help promote swapping cosmetics you never use anymore and to give them to someone who might actually find them to be fabulous !
The rules are simple .

Blogger to Blogger
You need to find a partner who is a blogger. 
Arrange to send each other 5 items at least . 
They can be anything to do with beauty!
They have to be at least half full.
I personally recommend you confirm with each other the items you are going to send via email. 
You must put in the parcel also why you didnt like each item. 
Swap !
Then just do a post showing all of your readers what you got , tag them and grab your award. 
In the future at some point it would be interesting to review the items and see wether you liked them and why the other person didnt. 

Blogger to non Blogger
You dont necessarily have to find a blogger , you can give them to a close friend, family member or to a charity. 
I assume you have blog or a website. 
Take photos showing what you gave and why . 
Get your award !!

Non Blogger to Non Blogger 
You have nothing to do with the internet , well just give some stuff away as mentioned above and give yourself the award in another form , for example buy yourself that new lipstick youve been wanting or eat that chocolate you have been banning from yourself!
Dont forget to email me and let me know how your challenge went !

I tag all of you reading this post right now.
No excuses. 

Ok so lets begin with my award for Korina !

Korina sent me 5 items in a lovely pouch with a piece of paper writing all the reasons these products didnt suit her. 
Here are the products.

Adamo Nail Polish (54) 

Bourjois Khol and Contour (72 Noir Expert) 

Beauty Uk Retro Lips (No.3 Candy Pink) 

Layla Cosmetics Miracle Shine Lipstick (2)

Fraulein Power Line Pencil (05 Perlen Blau)

Heres your award Korina , place it on your blog :) 


  1. Thanks girl!!! You know, this tag just reminds me of all those beauty swaps!

  2. how much make up I gave recently!!And it feels good!!hahaha congrats on the award!


  3. Great idea for an award! Swapping for beauty products feels great, indeed ;)


  4. @korina a beauty swap with a good cause/message and youre welcome !

    @blushingloves im glad you did !!

    @cbsg5861 thank you , you should join in the fun !

  5. omg this is such an amazing idea!!! who want's to swap with me ? :P

  6. @anastasia try and ask a blogger and if that doesnt work just simply donate to a non blogger and award yourself !