Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fall/Winter 11-12 Makeup Trends

Hi guys ! Enjoy below some photo's of myself wearing the latest makeup trends for this season. Just so you know i only edited the image colors (highlight, temperature etc) i have not changed in any way my face or edited out any parts ! 

Blue Hues/ Colorful Smokey Eyes 
This is two makeup trends together , blue hues is all about dark blue taking over your eye with blue eyeliner and colorful smokey eyes is instead of using grays using other more colorful colors that you wouldnt usually. 

Fresh Face 
This is all about making your face look fresh as the word says , i have added a bit of romance to it . Use neutral colors only !

Wine stained lips 
This is all about focusing on your lips and leaving your eyes as neutral as possible . In these photos my lips do look like theyre a pink its the flash guys sorry , theyre actually a wine color ! 

Eyeliner that curves downwards
From what ive noticed its all about the eyeliner this season . This look actually looks better than what i thought !

Thats all for now girls ! Let me know will you be wearing any of these looks , do you like these kind of posts  and if so should i do a hair one ?!

Kisses Glitter me up xo 


  1. I'll pass on the downwards curved eyeliner, hahah :)
    But I love the "fresh face" look, and even more, the wine stained lips!! Luv it elpitha mou, eisai koukli!

  2. Eyeliner curved upside down? It sounds "wrong" but still I want to try it out! I've also seen spider lashes to be a big hit during autumn :/

  3. @y i know its weird but its not that bad , there was more trends but these were the most wearable ones ! I have to say my favourite is the fresh look as well and the wine stained lips is good as an alternative to a more toned down red lips kind of look !Euxaristo gia ta kala sou logia Y !

    @cbsg5861 i feel like these trends for this season are so dramatic but i kinda like it. You should try out and let me know how you got on !!

  4. love them all! great job!

  5. the downwards eyeliner seems like a failur make up pfff!!!!The bright blue smokie is lovely vivid and so colorfull i love it!!!

  6. @ arabella yes the colors are so nice for this season !

    @artemi na ta dokimaseis kai na mas enimeroseis !!

    @kostantina tzortzi thank you very much !

    @demi its all about eyeliner this season , apparently a reverse cat eye is in fashion too , which looks even more weird ! yes colors are great !!

  7. eisai poly wraia! teleies idees gia makigiaz!! euxaristw gia to sxolio sou sto blog mou! kai egw anypomonw gia to FNO tou xronou!!