Thursday, 15 September 2011

How to be organized as a blogger & Competition time

Hello there guys ! The fantabulous news is that i have lots of competitions coming up so stay tuned . 
Heres one for now further down!

How to be organized as a blogger.
I love blogging . Bloggers dont necessarily know it all (wether its to do with beauty , sports, fashion , cinema and so on...) its about who is willing to share it and who can be bothered to share it because trust me blogging is hard. My point is that speaking for myself i honestly enjoy doing this , i always enjoy writing , taking photos, sharing moments of my life with you guys. Being a blogger means being organized soooo much. I decided with the help of Skag to show you different items to help you organize youre life as a blogger, specifically a beauty one. (by the way you can be a non blogger and use these tips)


SKAG is a company that specializes in stationary and has a huge variety of different products totaling up to 1000. It is a Greek company which exports world wide to lots of different companies.
What i like about SKAG is that they have lots of different ranges and styles for different ages
whether its a cartoon range to an eco friendly one. 

Here are a few things i was sent for you to take a look at . This is the MAD range .This is how I stay organized !

Diary Sept-Aug 14x21
As a blogger a diary is a must have ! I use my diary to write down dates , i should be receiving parcels , dates competitions end , dates i have events coming up. Even when i was at school my life revolved around a diary and so did my part time job' I would write my shifts down , homework i had due to be handed in and so on. A diary is a must have , to stay organized. 
This diary actually has lots of information in such as a mini yearly planner , calender , personal data , Greek name days , moon eclipses ,useful telephone numbers ,embassies of foreign countries in Greece , a guide to thessaloniki and soooo many more. 

No25553, A4 , Subj 3 . (bigger notebook) 
No.2542,17x25, Subj.2 (smaller notebook)
I tend to use a notebook to jot ideas down for blogging. The smaller notebook is what i like to call my messy notebook. I tend to take it around with me so everytime an idea pops into my head for blogging i instantly write and write and then in my bigger notebook i write down more neatly my ideas. For school anyone who is interested use the small notebook to take notes in class and for practicing , the bigger one for writing neatly your work!

25x35 Ntosie Lastixo 
These are my favorite they are so tidy and neat so easily. Any loose papers you have bloggers such as leaflets from companies or even receipts from your shopaholic purchases :p just place them in here. I personally put any leaflets i have gotten from stores or was sent in this folder to keep them safe until i blog about the product. For school use this file to store all of your loose papers or make it your homework folder. 

A4 Mech (2-20) Ring Binder. 
17x25 Mech (2-20) Ring Binder.

The Big folder is great to store in any presentations you have as a beauty blogger , wether its a print screen ready of your blog and some information about it or wether its just once again storing A4 sized sheets. I like to place important papers in these as its very tidy with some plastic wallets and neat. The smaller folder can be used for receipts , leaflets once again and even brainstorming. For school the A4 folder is the most handy to take with you as most of the work sheets and homework you or your child are given are A4 , the smaller folder is good for keeping receipts in from school trips , dinner money and any other fees you pay.

For your chance to win the 17x25 Ring Binder (smaller one) and 2x Body Shop Travel Sized Shower Creams please follow the below steps. 

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By entering this competition you agree to these following rules. 
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3)If the winner is announced and is found not to have done number 1 they will be disqualified and a new winner will be picked. 
4) I will contact the winner by email , who will have ONE WEEK to answer me back or a new winner will be picked. 

If you have any questions email me at 

Good luck !
Competition ends on the 22nd of September. 

Oh and theres another competition going on for SKAG items to be won , follow the link below.
Win some SKAG items here as well !


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