Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lip Balm Collection

Now that the cold is starting to creep upon us , i decided to finally do a post i love reading on other peoples blogs and something that would give some of you a wake up call , Protect your lips this season !!
Make sure you exfoliate them frequently , if money is running low use my favorite method honey and sugar, the results are fantastic afterwards or scrub them with your toothbrush (gently). I wouldnt personally splash out on lip scrubs , in my opinion not worth it ! But its up to you!!

Make sure you get yourself a lovely lip balm. 
Now theres no excuses lip balms can range from 1 euro to over 20 euro , you can even get handmade ones and there are videos on youtube showing you how to make them , just write how to make lip balm . Otherwise get investing !!

My collection of lip balms/lip tints .

Random Tip : Find a small container/box like myne and store them in there , its neat and tidy !

Lip Balms
Its really hard to go wrong with lip balms in my opinion ,  95% of the times i have bought them they have worked just fine ! 

From left to right.
Mac : Lip Conditioner , I really like this as it does soften my lips however i do feel like its more of heavy lip balm , in my opinion its more of a lipgloss that goes good on top of a lip tint. 

Garnier:Nourish lip Balm , I havent tried it yet so i cant comment on it.
Apivita :Lipcare with Honey , Love , love , love this !! 100% natural , i love their lipbalms in general.
Garnier: Shine, Again i havent tried this out yet so i cant comment on it.
Burts Bees: Acai Berry, So good and has lasted me ages !! 
Chamomile Boo Cream : This is actually a handmade 100% natural lip balm i was sent a while ago , it contains chamomile and its even good to carry around with you incase you get cut etc and you place this on and it helps soothe the area. Its main job is a lip balm !!

Lip Balm Tints 
I love applying these underneath my lips whilst im placing the rest of my makeup as a good base and to kinda prime the lips before i put lipstick on , to give them that tint of color !

From left to right 

Eyeko : Minty , so great it tints my lips and makes them soft at the same time.
Eyeko : Toffee, Such a natural color which softens my lips once again at the same time. 
Boots:Tinted Lip salve, Its a good tint but a bad lip softener.
Clinique: Superbalm (10) Fabulous lip gloss that doesnt dry out your lips !
Clinique: Superbalm (09) Same as above , i use these as a lipgloss to provide high shine yet long lasting softness .

Thats it ! Thats my collection , let me know have you got any of these in your collection ? Do you want to try any of these out ? Would like to see some more of my collections ? 


  1. I love these posts too!Δεν εχω κανενα απο αυτα αλλα εχω μανια με τα lip balms! Χειμωνα καλοκαιρι βαζω σχεδον ολη μερα lol
    Τωρα που μου το θυμισες πρεπει να αγορασω καινουριο γιατι τελειωνουν αυτα που εχω..

  2. i LOVE lip balms! In winter i don't like the feel of lipgloss for everyday! i love eyeko lip balms!! strawberry is my favorite!! i also like carmex lip balm (that one in the pot).


  3. auto tis Mac einai kalo? gt kserw oti murizei uperoxa! <3
    epishs k tis clinique fenontai polu juicy!

  4. @artemi happy shopping !!

    @anastasia ive never tried carmex but i love eyeko too ! Yeah i generally only wear lipgloss if im going out !!

    @fashionsugarbubbles einai kalo ala mou thimizei perissotero ligloss para lip balm , einai vari pos na sto po ! ala kani tin douleia tou!!

  5. I have a burt's bees one, that I love! My favorite one is Korres lip butter, the ones in the little pots, you should give it a try!
    Ennoeitai theloume na doume k alla pragmata apo to collection sou, yay! :D
    I'd love to try the Clinique ones!

  6. @ ok y ill get more collections up and of course i have tried korres lip butters they are fantabulous !! xo