Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mini Reviews and my Name day.

Hello there ! 
How are you doing ? How was your week ?
I have a couple of reviews for you to see how i got on with them !
So here they are ...

Kiehls Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo 5/5
Wow guys , wow. I really loved this and today i finally finished the bottle (which is travel size by the way..) . I was sent this by Kiehls and i was really excited to see how the results would be for my hair. Now i assume the Olive does the fantastic work in this shampoo as i found afterwards my hair was left soft . Theres nothing better than soft hair (in my opinion) ! This is for dry and damaged hair and honestly even though i have fine hair i fell in love with this ... The great thing about this is that even though its pricey the product lasts ages . I know the price might be a huge barrier for some people but a good way to test this out is to buy the travel size version of this and see how it goes. As far as Kiehls go as a company , i absolutely love them , their customer service is spot on !!
You can purchase this from Hondos Center in Athens (Glyfada , Kolonaki ) and the Attica Derpatment Store and if right in saying so you can actually order from the Kolonaki Store. 
More details check out Kiehls in Greece .
250 ml 20,67 euros
500 ml 30,39 euros
75 ml 10,13 euros (one in the photo)

Have you tried this product ?! Do you agree about Kiehls customer Service ?! Will you be testing this out ?!

Eyeko Fat Balms

I love these Eyeko Fat Balms . Fantastic !! I want to get more... They make my lips soft and i feel like they stay protected from any severe weather conditions. I also love the fact they are so small and light and can be carried around with you everywhere. They can be a lipstick , a tinted lip balm or a shiny lipstick , its like a 3 in 1 product and of course you can build the color yourself. I know i have already talked about them in a previous blog post which can be found HERE but i wanted to let you know some extra details over a long term period using them. Customer service with Eyeko was great at first , im not going to lie i never received my ambassadors pack and i sent them lots of emails and eventually i got a reply back saying theyve sent me a new one (which i will let you know about) . Thats the annoying thing Eyeko has in my opinion and its a shame that such a great quality products have bad representatives. (For anyone interested if i do have further trouble with this company i will eventually stop the ambassador scheme and being their customer because one of the promises i made when beginning this blog is SPEAKING THE TRUTH. ) 
Fat balms cost 7.50 euros 
Free Delivery
Use my ambassadors Code to get a free gift E17355

Do you love the Fat Balms ? How was your customer service with Eyeko ?

My name day !!

Yesterday was my name day i had a great time , just at my boyfriends house . I went their in the morning we cooked our favorite Organic Pasta with Broccoli , Bacon and Cream. Its not a light meal and the calories are definitely going wild when you are consuming this meal but hey live your life (and starve yourself the next day) hahahaha. (for anyone who is sensitive of course im not recommending to starve yourself, its a joke!) 

Then we watched Jumanji , what a great old film right ?! Just reminds me of childhood !! They guy with the gun and the police man are so funny !! We then with his parents got the cake out or should i say the tourta and i made my wish !! 

Isnt the cake great !! I loved the little flower it had on it :) 
We then played some playstation and watched some more films (but no Twilight ) i wish men would get over it and sit and watch Twilight and fall in love with the film like us girls have!!

Im wearing 
Primark Vest Top 
Juicy Couture Black Pants 
Earrings by Vraxiolakia kai Alla 

Make up is Urban Decay Naked Palette, Dior Blusher and Bare Escentuals on my face/bronzer. 

Thank you to everyone who wished me Xronia Polla and thank you to my bf for the simple but fabulous day i had. I hope everyone else who had a name day yesterday had a fantastic time !! 
Oh and before i forget I want to thank you all for your support for reaching 100 followers on Google Followers and 500 on Facebook !! 


  1. Wishing you the best!!You look gorgeous to the photos!!!I love pasta too...I wish I could find Kiehls in Thessaloniki!!!

  2. @festy Thank you ! you too !

    @demi Thank you for everything ! Pasta is great <3 You can order Kiehls from the Kolonaki store !! :) xo

  3. another great post!! wishing you all the best, too!! thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog and for giving me advice!! I guess I will try to work things out and we'll see what's going to happen!! thanks again!! xoxoxo

  4. @city girl my advice is always here for you and thank you so much for your wishes !! xo

  5. I loooove Kiehls and i totally adore the ''sunflower''-color preserving shampoo. I like their face creams too like the ''ultra facial'' ...everyone should give it a try... It's so nice that you are so young but still so thoughtful about good stuff. Congrats girl..
    By the way you look great on the pics..