Sunday, 11 September 2011

Parapharmacie Haul

Hello there guys ! 
Today im going to share with you some goodies i received from Parapharmacie which is an online pharmacy based in Athens which has better prices than what you would usually expect to get from your local pharmacy. The pharmacy was found in 1983 which was named originally Kardiakidou Marianna and ever since then has managed to fulfill peoples needs  wether it was vitamins, cosmetics, organic products and the list continues..
With Parapharmacie you can get up to 25% off products. 

Now heres the exciting part!
 ( Dont you just love hauls?!)

Parapharmacie decided to send me a few products to test out and heres what i got !

 Gel Seaweeds which is an anti cellulite product by STC.
Serum for blocked pores by STC.
Eye Mask by STC. 

Apivita Express Gold with prickly pear face mask.
Apivita Express Beauty with pomegranate face mask. 
Korres Mint Tea showergel. 
(the small tube is korres eye cream , sample size)

Now STC is a brand that was created by the Parapharmacie and if you go check them out at this below link you will see that they specialize in all sorts of things wether its shampoo to face creams and even exfoliators!
Its going to be really interesting and i am super excited to try out a brand that might not be that well known yet , to see how it compares to our regular brands. 

I will obviously be trying the Apivita and Korres products out and letting you know how i got on with them. In the mean time please visit the following links for fiurther information !! Kisses Glitter me up xo


  1. I love the evening primrose eye cream! Twra pou mou to thimises, mporei na to ksanagorasw molis erthw ellada :)
    Kai oi maskes tis apivita omws, sinithws einai teleies!
    Enjoy your goodies kali mou

  2. great review :)

  3. @Y kai egw tin LA-TREVO , pistevo kani teleia douleia , exo 4 xronia aftin tin krema xrisimopio kai tin garnier roller mazi ton telefteo xrono. Einai teleies para apo aftes pou einai skoni kai prepi na tis anakatepsis !! euxaristo Y xo

    @konstantina tzortzi thank you :) xo

  4. Oh, I have some family members in Greece who get some of their face masks for me, they're really lovely and I wish they were a little easier to get in the UK, can't wait to read how you get on with them :) xx

  5. @Francesca These face masks are fantastic !! I am trying to try all of them out :) xo