Friday, 30 September 2011

Tag and Award !

The a-z of me .

20 years old .

Bed size 
Single at the moment but its normally a double .

Chore you hate
I hate bathroom duties .

 I love dogs , i love all animals , i always feel so bad for the ones that dont have a home . Lets make a change here in Greece and lets start taking care of them.

Essential start of your day
I must wash my face with a cleanser and brush my teeth!!

Favourite colour
I love so many colors pink ,purple , gold ... think of Moroccan style.

Gold or silver
Gold !!

5ft 7 or 8 .

Instruments I play
Erm nothing i played recorder at primary school and at comprehensive the keyboard, thats about it. I was more involved with singing !

Job Title
Nothing really , im trying to become a teacher of English!

I love them so much !! If i could i would adopt all the kids in the world and look after them , if you give me a kid thats bad behaved i can make them good behaved , i dont know how i do it ... 

Greece .

Mum's name

Lots , especially in England , noone could ever say my name. Elpi , pitha , Elle , Elie , Ella and so on...
Pet peeve
I cant stand sly people , people who are full of bad and jealousy.

Quote from a movie
Im on the Jersey Shore, Bitch !! - Jersey Shore .

Right or left handed
Right .

One younger sister.

Time you wake up
I would prefer to wake up early in the morning.

I like sexy yet elegant.

Vegetables you dislike
Mushrooms .

What makes you run late
I am never late , i am always on time , if im ever late its because other people make me.

X-rays you've had done
Yummy food you make
Pasta , broccoli,cream, cheese and bacon.

Zoo animal 
I love penguins , pandas and lions ...

Tag number 2. & award 

Tell me 7 things about yourself ! I got this from Miss Starshiny who tagged all of her followers. You have to say 7 random things about yourself . 

Heres Myne !

  1. I should have lived in America , i watch so much American Tv , series ... Theyre so ahead of us all whether its in makeup , fashion or technology . Come on imagine FNO in New York ?! 
  2. I am a germ freak, i wash my hands regularly. 
  3. I love travelling.
  4. I am a shopaholic as well as a chocoholic.
  5. Juicy Couture is my favorite brand .
  6. I love giving presents. 
  7. I hate insects.

I tag all of you reading this blog post right now to do one of these tags at least !!

Kisses xo



  1. Hmmm these pastas look so yummy!

  2. What a fun tag! I enjoyed reading this!

  3. ta sugkekrimena zumarika einai ena ap t apapimena mou k mena! <3 :D

  4. hahaha i hate mushrooms took....yuckkkk

  5. η φώτο στο τέλος άψογη...αλλά και όλη η περιγραφή...χαίρομαι που σε γνωρίζω........

  6. ωραιο Post! κ η φωτο με τον πινγκουινο so cute!

  7. oh you have such a cute blog darling :)) I especially adore this post, well done and really unique :))

    can you do me a favour and please vote for me by liking my photo on this link:

    that would mean so much to me and maybe you can also spread it on face by sharing it :)) puss puss and huggs from

  8. @gaby they are !!
    @cbsg5861 I enjoyed doing this as well :)
    @fashionsugarbubbles nai ala paxenoune :/
    @anastasia everyone hates them :p
    @mary2002d kai egw xairome pou saresi to blog mou !!
    @y yey we love penguins !!
    @joan ithela etsi opos itan o penguinos na ton ekleva , ala itan varis :/
    @duygu thank you so much for your kind words!!

  9. Pes mou oti stin proti foto eisai Edinburgh k sagapao epitopou !!!!!!!!!!! :D

  10. nai eimai sto edimbourgo kai sto telefteo me ton pengouino ston zoologiko kipo :) xo

  11. Ok ok, sagapisa k eimai IDI follower sou !!!! :DDD