Monday, 17 October 2011

Christmas Wish List

Hello there girls ! 
How have you all been on this cold weekend ?!
I could not decide what to do for a new blog post (as there are so many things on my list right now) and a couple of girls helped me on Twitter and a wish list had the most votes. Can i just say i have been reading other people's wish list and i have been extending myne and i have such a huge wish list , i decided to narrow it down to ten items. 
Enjoy !!

OPI Muppets Collection 

Does it get any cuter , any sparklier , any more christmassy ?!
I would love to get this collection , its perfect for christmas - at the end of the day christmas wouldnt be a christmas without a touch of sparkle , this collection provides that. 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the Glitter Glue 

Yes i would love both of these ! I have heard so many good reviews about the shadow insurance and the glitter glue just looks like its fantastic !! Who wants to be retouching their eyeshadows during Christmas and New years eve right ?!

Yankee Candle World Journeys Collection

I am such a huge fan of candles ! Especially Yankee Candles ! When i was in England last year and i used to come home from my part time job (it was freezing outside) i would have a bath ,put my pj's , light my candle and lie down in bed surfing the net ! Heres the thing these World Journey candles almost made me feel like i was in another country , i used to have the Japanese one i think it is my whole room smelt off Japanese blossoms- it relaxed me so much i would feel almost like i was taking a stroll in one of them ancient like parks you see in Japan . How beautiful , how relaxing... 

Juicy Couture Brown Velour Tracksuit 

I am a hugeeee fan of Juicy Couture and of course their tracksuits. I used to wear them all the time to go to Sixth Form in (high school) because they were so comfortable and warm. The velour gives this pj like feeling and thats how come they are so comfortable. Their tracksuits are really good quality and last ages - i know their expensive but trust me theyre worth it. I have bought three sets so far and i would really like to invest in this brown one soon !

Apivita Body Relax Range 

As you can probably tell i love taking time out from everyday stress and practically pressing Pause. Not only do you do good to yourself but to your health.  This set is perfect for me and those bath salts look really tempting !! Too perfect !! (btw Apivita should totally make candles !!) 

Korres Makeup Kits 

Now due to the fact i couldnt find the photographs i was after , i just put this one up. Basically Korres has come out with these makeup kits that cost 16 euro - 21 euro and are perfect in every single way! For example one of the kits could be dedicated to smokey eyes and contains all the products needed to create this look at a lower price. There is also a makeup brush set in of the kits ! I would really like to get them all !

Chanel Nail Varnish Paradoxal

This almost takes you to another planet just looking at it. Its so rock and roll yet at the same time so beautiful. This color and this effect it has on your nails is a must for this season !!

Babyliss Waver 

This is perfect , why ?! Because it can alter your look from day to night time , its also very natural looking for your hair. Even though it might take a lot of time to create this look , its so easy to handle that even a man could do your hair with this :p 

Lancome's Golden Hat Makeup Collection

I would really like to get a few items from this collection due to the fact it supports children with autism. ( i will do a post with more detail). My sister has autism and i think its so wonderful that Kate Winslet decided to raise money from the doing this makeup collection. Ok so your thinking , youre only going to buy this because you have a sister with autism ... wrong. Lancome has great quality makeup and i would buy any day from their range and do own a lot of their products , the fact it supports autism just makes me say why buy your blusher from ... when you can buy it from Lancome and help children. 

Puma Trainers Bodytrain

If you follow me on Twitter you know i go for long walks to help me gain a more healthier lifestyle and tone up my body ! I found my shoes i was wearing (converse) started hurting my feet , so now i need to invest in a pair of trainers that are made for exercise. These here help you tone up more your legs and help burn calories faster. Im hoping i get my hands on these !!

Thats it ! Thats my wishlist obviously i have a lot more stuff i would like but these are my top ten. Are any of these on your wishlist ?! Have you seen something that you would like to get now due to this wish list ?! 

Images were taking from search engines , if anyone has a problem with these photos let me know .  


  1. Oh, I haven't heard about this UD glitter glue! Not that I have any glitters on my collection, but it's a good excuse to get some! haha

    I didn't know about this Lancome collection, this powder compact looks gorgeous!

  2. I love this blog posts about Xmas wishlists!! If I had a blog I would totally do one too but it would be HUGE! LOL The Too Faaced Shadow Insurance is my HG product for 2 years now! From the OPI Muppets collection I ordered only Wocka Wocka yesterday, the only one that I liked from the swatches i saw online, let's see if I'll like it!

  3. Τελειο το Babyliss waver θελω και γω' να το αγορασω! Ξερεις αν υπαρχει σε καποια απο τις γνωστες αλυσιδες ηλεκτρικων????:)

  4. @cbsg5861 same here im not a glitter person but it sounds great !! Yup you should buy and support :)

    @sophia peaches let me know how you get on with it !!oh and tell me about it my wishlist is huge i had to narrow it down :p

    @princess anna free delivery worldwide , type babyliss waver and it should come up! let me know if you have any problems :)



  5. ta 4 prwta ta 8elw sigouraaaaaaa! <333
    eidika ta kerakia k ta OPI ! :D

  6. Φυσικά και θα βάλω στην wist list μου τα Yankee Candles και τα makeup kits από Korres! Λατρεύω τα αρωματικά κεριά και έχω ακούσει τόσα για τα συγκεκριμένα!! :)

  7. @fashionsugarbubbles kai egw ta thelw :p

    @claire d. t Ta Yankee Candles an kai einai pio fthina sto eksoteriko kostizei trela lefta na ta steiloun giafto distixos simferi na plirosis 10 euro parapano apo pou ta poulane afti!!

  8. I should do this post too! From the Muppets collection, Rainbow Connection looks sooooo gorgeous! And I wish we had Yankee Candles here ):

  9. muppets collection is on my wish list too and the chanel paradoxal...haven't seen this lancome collection I'm going to check it out!

  10. Τέλειες οι επιλογές σου!! Λες ο Άγιος Βασίλης να μας φέρει τα δωράκια μας φέτος;;; χαχα

  11. @gaby its the one ive been eyeing up too ! Yankee Candles , are you sure you dont have them , one place that does is Ebay and worldwide but shipping will be a little bit expensive!!

    @Demi If you google it , articles will come up about the collection , its out in November :)

    @Moderna Staxtopouta Den ksero ama emeis i bloggers eimastan kala koritsia fetos :p Poli shopping therapy kaname :p


  12. Elpitha mou, kane to epi dio to wishlist sou, m'aresoun para poli oi epiloges sou! Ta Yankee Candles pethainw na ta dokimasw, exw akousei oti einai teleia k eidika meta apo tin perigrafi sou to thelw akomi parapanw!

  13. @Y Xairome pou exoume idies epiloges gia ton Santa :p Einai I-pero-XA !! Pragmatika ... :) xo