Monday, 10 October 2011

GHD Hair Straighteners Review 5/5

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GHD Hair Straighteners 5/5 

From the age of 13 hair straighteners were a part of my life , it was the cool thing to have straight hair and own a pair of these expensive bad boys. This was in England .. Now when i used to come to Greece i used to see girls , nearly all of them with hair blow dried to its shape and va va voom volume. Now in England this look was normally seen on grandmas or maybe a sophisticated politician but i guess in Greece it was and still is the 'cool look'. As many times as i have had my hair done by a Greek Hairdresser they have never , NEVER used some sort of heating styling equipment. Whether its curly hair youre after or straight they will use a brush and a hair dryer to mould it to its shape. I dont know whether this means Greece is behind or whether it is just different . When i used to come with my GHD's girls used to say to me whats that ?! Now people here know what it is but i have never come across anyone who knows of GHD's here in Greece. I am now 20 years old the fashion is voluminous big hair that is blow dried so i put my hands up to you hair dryer lovers but i believe every girl should own some straighteners. 


My bf's mam saw my hair straight the other day and was like wow did you hair dry it and i said now i have this tool (lets call it) that straightens your hair and she was like can you please do myne. Of course i said ok and with the chance i would take some photos of it . 



For anyone interested the person's hair i am straightening in this photo is thick but damaged and very long. 


I purchased them from Look Fantastic , well my boyfriend bought me them and i got Free Delivery , i have had these since November and they come with a warranty for one year if i remember right. From the moment you straighten that piece of hair it instantly makes it straight  i only go over it a couple of times to make sure it stays as my hair has difficulty maintaining a style. 

Once you straighten your hair with these as long as you take your time and do it correctly the hairstyle should last the next day as well it did for both me and the person in the photograph. 
You can create curls with these , waves , flicks and straighten your hair extensions with them. 
Theres not much i can say about this gadget other than it works , if you have the money you should buy them you wont regret them everything else needs to be pretty much said by a video. 

For a tutorial on how i straighten my hair with these , leave a comment below and i will do a video!

If these seem to expensive for you then i recommend Babyliss , theyre just as good quality !

Another point i should mention is that there are thicker versions available of these tongs which are for thicker and longer hair and there are thinner versions for women with short hair or men. 

There are so many features to these , you will read them on the link i provide below. 
Myne are the GHD IV Styler 
With them i got free a heat mat and a heat protectant spray. 

Theres a similar offer here Click Me !
Expect to pay around £100.

GHD's always have limited edition offers on and themes which im sure you will really love !

If you want to see a tutorial on this do remember to leave a comment below letting me know.
Have you tried GHD ? Do you own another brands version of straightening tongs?


  1. Lol for the va va voom volume! I know exactly what you mean- although I haven't seen a girl in my age with that hairbrush&blow-drier hairdo. Hair straghteners are a common thing nowadays, the GHDs may not be that popular in Greece but we have other alternatives like the Babyliss and Belissima straighteners. My sister owns the latter and she uses it almost every day; I personally own a "professional" Babyliss thing but rarely use it, I'd much rather go with messy hair and take all the time I need with my makeup! xx

  2. wow looks perfect!

  3. I use the Bellissima Imetec B200 straightener and I ok with it.
    Miss Starshiny

  4. i love my ghd's! i have the thick one, for long hair , i just love it! it doesn't damage my hair! makes them silky and shiny!

    xx :D

  5. I've heard a lot about GHD irons but I'm not sure to buy something this expensive x=

  6. I've heard a lot about these, but they are quite expensive. The result here doesn't look that good, perhaps due to the fact that the hair was not healthy? I'd love to see a vid and see how the GHD works for you!

  7. I have stopped using the straightener for about 6 months now and I have noticed a huge change on my hairs health!! It causes great disaster on hair but I have to admit it makes hair looks superperfect for at least 5 hours!

  8. Havent try yet GHD it looks really good!Maybe it'll be my next one!Thanks for sharing hun!!


  9. @cbsg Babyliss are a cheaper and nearly as great as the ghd's version !! I own a pair of them as well!

    @cookie ghd's are perfect !

    @missstarshiny i have never heard of the belissima ones , ill have to try them out !

    @anastasia yes im so jealous of your long hair now , grrr. Im glad you love them !!

    @gaby when you decide to buy them you will ask yourself , why you never got them earlier enough !

    @y I will do a video one of these days !! Ill get some photos took of my hair as well...

    @konstantina tzortzi where you using heat protector , i mean i know they arent a healthy choice , try using them less frequently .

    @blushing loves let me know what you think of them and youre welcome !!