Friday, 7 October 2011

Korres Mint Tea Review 4/5

Hello there guys !!
I have so many products for you guys to tell you about ,that i honestly dont know were to begin from. For now enjoy the one i write about in this post and dont forget these are always my 100% honest opinions, i am never payed to do write about anything .

Lets Begin !!

Korres Showergel Mint Tea 4/5

I always loved Korres from the age of 14 , before i lived in Greece i used to come over for my holidays and stock up on all of their products, the only thing i havent really tried is their makeup (which im planning on purchasing some at some point ). Korres is free of a lot of harsh chemicals and does not animal test and most of their ingredients are organic. 

I was sent this by ParaPharmacie which is a greek online pharmacy Click here to see more. Now i love Korres showergel's infact they are one of my favorites , as soon as my showergel runs out i tend to go and buy one of these straight away. My boyfriend actually loves them as well by saying this im trying to get my point across that they are suitable for men as well, all of their scents. Now the product has a white,yellow color to it and smells to me in my opinion like none of the scents mentioned above, maybe it smells like green tea- dont get me wrong the scent is still nice.
This showergel is really good , the smell is long lasting after you come out of the shower and it lasting ability is normal i would say. 

250ml - 3.95 euro only !!
this is why i love parapharmacie , they have low prices !!

This showergel loses a point in my opinion due to the following customer service problem i had with Korres. 

I rang up Korres and asked them about this product , i explained to them that  in English it says its mint tea and in Greek it writes it is Green Tea ...hmm. The woman told me its mint , i said to her it smells nothing like mint though maybe there was a fault in the showergels and thats why im reporting it , the woman told me she would get back to me via email. Never did. The facebook page of Korres did answer me (as i had contacted them first ) who told me to ring up Korres. I sent another email 1-2 months later and still no answer. Im really disappointed in Korres customer service , if things change and they sent me an email i will let you know but so far nothing. Again i will say this what a shame that a company such as Korres with such fantabulous products has such bad customer service. 

Will I buy this again , the truth is yes because i love Korres however i will always mention the customer service problem i had with them. 

Am i crazy in saying that the translation is wrong ?! That the scent doesnt match its title?! 

May i also add please do not mix my opinion of Korres with Parapharmacie , Parapharmacie is a great company that provides excellent customer service and low prices. 


  1. Hmmm, I've also noticed that there's a certain smell that is common in some Korres showergels. As if it's a base on which they build up each scent? Something like that! I don't mind though, they all smell nice but every once in a while I get bored of that smell! xx

  2. No, I think that was a good point you made. They take a lot of pride in the research they put in their ingredients, so they should be more careful in the translation!
    I also love Korres, I'm glad you agree. Too bad for the silly customer service!

  3. Kala ekanes! Vevaia oute kai gw tha perimena comment
    Exw arxisei na katalavainw oti h sygkekrimenh etaireia endiaferetai mono gia thn 3eni agora kai emas mas exoun psilo#$%^nous...kai oso pernaei o kairos apogohteuomai olo kai perissotero.Krima!!

  4. great post! it's true that sometimes the translation is messed up! thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog! always glad to know your opnion..!

  5. nice post alla itan polu asximo etsi opws sumperifer8ike h etairia... gt exei polu kala proionta! :/

  6. @cbsg5861 yes i understand what you mean its almost like a theme they have to each of their scents!

    @y exactly i mean i was worried incase this product wasnt safe , they may have been a problem in the factory which i tried to explain alla asto let them get sued by someone.

    @kerasia to ksero kai einai toso krima , gt otan egw eimoun agglia egw enimerona tis files mou gia ton korres pou den eixa idea pios einai , kai opos vlepeis afto einai to euxaristo pou perno !! Krima !!

    @Citygirl they believe the translation is fine apparently ... :/

    @fashionsugarbubbles to ksero krima giaaftous !1

  7. Might need to try, thanks for the info!

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  8. I would really like to try something from Korres, especially their lip butters (:

  9. great review, you have a point about that smell! I am not such a big fan of Korres, I bought a foundation this year and each time I wore it my face got soo red and itchy! Anyway maybe I have a very sensitive skin, dont know!
    thanks for your comment sweetie!