Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A lot of Reviews

Good Morning !
I have so many reviews to write about , i dont know where to begin from .
I hope you enjoy these reviews !

Apivita Face Masks.
I love Apivita Face Masks for anyone who hasnt tried them , what are you doing with your life ?! 
I know people all ages who love buying these masks and one of the people swears by one of their anti wrinkle masks saying it has improved 100% the appearance of her wrinkles (late 40's -50 her age is) and she buys one every week. If youre interested , ill try find out some more information from her!

Express Beauty with Pomegranate. 4/5

This was sent by ParaPharmacie which is an online chemist that sells products for less. 
2.44 euro 

This mask claims to revitalize and provide your skin with radiance
I found it soothed my skin and almost had like a detox effect. It didnt break me out , it actually calmed down any blemishes i had and made my face look refreshed! 

Express Gold with Prickly Pear. 5/5

This was sent by ParaPharmacie which is an online chemist that sells products for less. 
3.85 euro

This mask claims to hydrate and revitalize your face. 
This mask i fell in love with , it has almost like a candy pear smell to it which is lovely to smell. I found the results to be very big with this mask. Once again it it didnt break me out and it calmed my blemishes and any redness i had. It gave almost like a renewed glow to my face- it also hydrated my face really well ! This has got to be one of my favorites from Apivitas range. 

In general...
I have used so many of Apivitas masks and i have found them to be so gentle to my skin and thats why they never tend to break me out or cause any further problems. I love the packaging for these as well ! The only mask i have found a problem with is the seaweed one which i purchased myself , it is a mask that requires you to mix the powder with water and it peels off . I tried using it two times and the formula looked like goo. Im not saying the seaweed must be amazing and thats why i paid 6 euro for it but i would prefer if it came ready made as i couldnt get the proportions right twice. 

Lancome Golden Hat Nail Varnish 

This range will be out in November (in Greece) and will be available at any store that sells Lancome cosmetics. This range was brought out by Kate Winslet who is trying to raise money for kids with Autism. As mentioned on yesterdays post i am a huge supporter of this and im glad she is doing this because my sister suffers from Autism and i know how difficult it can be at times. Anyway there will be a more detailed post one of these days showing you the whole range. 

Nail Polish in 102  4/5

Before i actually had realized this was for Autistic children i tested it out straight away as soon as i received the package from Loreal. The great thing with this nail polish is that even though it will need two coats the pigmentation is fantastic , i can remember thinking wow ! When you apply the first coat it doesnt water down , its actually a coat of color ! I apply two coats to bring its color to its best and help it last longer. The only problem i had with this is that it does chip so you need to put a top coat on , i wore myne for 3 days and it chipped! In the photos i have OPI Nail Envy on top of this color ! 

I am going to get as much of this collection i can , so look out for some posts! The nail polish costs around 16 euro and comes in more colors! 

Vichy Nutri Extra Cream 

I got this free with my magazine a couple of months ago , i think it was with Elle's magazine.  It is 100 ml and costs around 5-6 euro. 

Vichy Nutri Extra Cream Replenishing Nourishing Body Care 2/5

This cream is almost like a body butter and has a fruity smell to it. You apply it to your skin and it keeps it i would say fairly hydrated , what i didnt like about this product was the fact when you apply it after five minutes it starts peeling. You know when you put too much cream somewhere and the cream starts peeling when you rub it , this is what this did ! No i did not overdo it , i just think because its so thick (which it doesnt look to be) you have to leave it on your skin for quite a while for it to dry.

Korres Sunscreen Emulsion 

I bought this last year and it has just gone out of date , oh boo. Heres my review !

Face and Body Sweet Orange ( Quick Tan ) 4/5

This is really good for protecting your skin for the sun rays during summer and even winter time. It is like white/ creamy color which is light to thick kind of paste. It didnt break me out , i loved the fact it had organic  ingredients in because i love anything that is healthier for my skin. I did however find it on my skin a little bit uncomfortable because it is a little bit heavy, which is never a nice feeling for summer ! If Korres could make the formula lighter i would really love it ! Sorry i cant remember how much i bought this , i just know it was when there was an offer where you get another one for free. 

Loreal Techni Art 

I purchased this from Feel Unique for around 10 euro i think , it claims to thicken your hair. 

Volume Architect 3/5.

I have fine hair and i am always trying out some volumizing/ thickening product ! I was really excited to try this product out when i bought it however things were not as good as i expected them to be. It thickens your hair but you need to spray a lot of this product on for it to thicken. I didnt like the fact the bottle was so small only 125 ml is in it and it doesnt last long ! Again this thickens it doesnt provide volume to your hair , if you like the look of this and you want to buy this ( on a scale 1-10 , one being no thickness and ten being thick) expect a '5'! If you need lots of thickness this probably isnt for you !

This is it as far as reviews go for today ! I have more coming , stay tuned !! 
Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you think of them !!


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