Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lots of Reviews Part 2

Hello !!
As mentioned in my part one , i have been trying out lots of products lately and have lots of reviews to do and this probably wont be the last of them ! Enjoy and Happy Shopping !!

Garnier Exfo-Brusher Face Cleanser 5/5

All Time Favorite 
I fell in love with this the moment i received it because it was just what i needed! This is a product that contains an almost gel like cleanser thats a blue color ( i think) and has plastic bristles on top and a lid to cover. When it comes to the packaging i loved this because i dont know if you guys have seen Loreal's similar version of this , their plastic bristles are left out on the open which means bacteria builds up (i havent tried their version of it yet by the way). So yes, the fact that the bristles are always covered by the lid , I loved! The formula itself is almost like a refreshing kind of gel to your face , it gives your skin that kind of feeling it needs - you know fresh , clean and smooth. The gel also foams up easily and not a lot of product is needed , this does last a long time. The plastic bristles are perfect because theyre not to harsh and they do their job they are also placed on top of the opening where the gel comes out which makes things a lot easier and hassle free. The product closes by twisting it around and this stops any product coming out , which means no leakage! This is really good for acne prone skin and i have found that when using it my blackheads and blemishes have calmed down and my skin appears to be smoother . 
Will i be buying this again ?! Of course.

7.97 euro 

Symmetria Soothe Face Cleanser 4/5

This is by Symmetria for any of you who havent heard of this company i will link you below ! This is a face cleanser that has a soothing action to it . It is made in France and contains Mallow and Saint Johns Wort Extracts . You apply this at morning and night to wet skin and massage it thoroughly !
This has a gel like texture and is a clear color , the smell is quite refreshing yet strong. The product is very long lasting you only need a penny size amount on your hand to cleanse your face and its enough ! It is 200 ml by the way... I found with this product that it left my skin refreshed and soothed as you all know i have acne prone skin and i didnt have any problems with the product if anything it helped soothe them. Why 4/5 ?! Because i really liked it however it would never be my kind of cleanser because it was not made to help prevent acne which is really something i look for in cleansers ... prevention. Its really good for providing moisture to skin though so if you have dry skin this is something you should be trying out as i think it will really help you. Of course may i add lets not forget that this product hasnt been made to prevent acne and doesnt state that anywhere so thats also why it has a high score because the things it states to do , it does.I love the packaging on all Symmetria products they are very modernized and different - of course easy to use.
Will I be buying this again?! The price puts me off the truth is , if i found it helped prevent my acne of course i would splurge out on this product but this isnt my kind of cleanser so i wouldnt ever give the money for a product that didnt fight my main concern. 

51.00 euro

STC Anti Cellulite Gel Seaweeds 5/5

This has been heaven. Even if the formula didnt work i would buy this just for the smell hahaha. Everyone knows how i have problems with any kind of body cream , im a lazy blogger and i hate having to wait for hours for something to dry! This right here though is amazing !! Firstly this is a gel that means that its not a thick formula that will take ages for your skin to soak in , it instantly is soaked in by your skin when you apply it and it has an almost refreshing feel to it ! I really feel this has been my favorite cellulite cream i have ever used ! I loved the combination of the ingredients and the formula. The packaging is nothing that makes you go wow but when it comes to easy handling this gets top marks , the pump basically is so easy to help you control the amount of product that comes out also the packaging is quite see through and has like a pump which lifts up as soon as you press it squeezing the product (making sure to get all of it) as well as showing you how much is left.
The product itself i have found does work , i mean i knew it would from the moment i saw seaweed - as seaweed is known for having such fabulous antioxidant qualities. I do agree with the statement that it firms and has a smoothing effect. I dont believe in cellulite vanishing as i think no product can do that but i believe products can help it look better and reduce it and i really think this did the best it could!  I love the feeling also it leaves afterwards , as stupid as this is going to sound you know when you put shaving foam on your legs and you shave and then your legs are like cotton and almost have a numb like feeling - this is kind of what i feel when i apply this! 
Would i buy this again ?! Yes , yes , yes. 

18.00 euro.

Oil for hair loss 2/5

I bought this from an Organic store this is a Russian product that is supposed to help with hair. Im basically really good friends with the woman who owns this store and i went to ask wether she thinks that taking a some hair supplements would be a great idea to help improve my hairs condition. She told they work really good but i should try out an oil that all the Russian women use that will do the same job for me for a smaller price tag. So i tried this out , the smell is very oily ... The packaging is basic but i dont mind and theres no translation anywhere so i cant really tell you what it is but i know its the oil from the flower showing in the photo. I massaged this into my hair an hour before i went into the shower and then washed it off i did this everytime i went into the shower . I didnt really find it did much. Theres was no difference in the way my hair was left after a couple of weeks- it was still fine and fallen out a lot. Im currently using some other oils to see what they do so i have put this on pause maybe when i finish up my other oils i will resume my test again and inform you if i have any better results . So far its a no, no for me. It probably improved the health of my hair but as far as my needs , it didnt fulfill them.  
Would I buy this again ?! No. 
4.50 euro.

Symmetria Renewal and Repair Action 4/5 

I was so upset with this . This really deserved a 5/5 but due to the fact it made my neck go all itchy it lost a point . This product was fabulous from the moment i placed it on my skin i felt like it was renewed . It seemed to calm everything down and show he best of my skin. Then after a couple of days i started noticing i was itching on my neck and then i experimented and placed it just on my face and again my neck was itching. Its so tempting to use but i cant. For the amount of time i did use it heres how i felt ... The cream itself is quite thick but is easily absorbed and doesnt feel that cakey when applied to skin. I feel like this cream had an almost instant effect to the way my skin appeared and looked. I was so happy with this due to the fact it didnt break me out either however i feel because my skin is so used to using organic like creams with less harmful ingredients that was my skin couldnt take this cream. I do feel it has many powerful ingredients in it. I am trying another one of their creams out at the moment and i have found that that one isnt causing me any reaction. No , i dont think im allergic at all im 99% sure i think its what i said before my skin isnt used to such powerful ingredients. The packaging is super cute once again very modern yet light. The cream has a very light almost perfume like smell to it and its color is white. 
Would i buy this cream again ?! Yes , if the formula changed a little.However it is pretty pricey... 
115 euro 

Apivita Body Shape 4/5

This serum i got free with Shape Magazine , i can remember as soon as i saw it advertising on the tv me and my boyfriends sister literally got up and ran to the local store to get this magazine just for the  product. We had a huge adventure on the way to the store we were power walking so much that all of a sudden her shoe snapped in half . This was during summer , it was boiling and she literally didnt have a shoe and had to fake it with half a shoe. We came back to the house and everyone looked at us like we had just came from the jungle with a magazine . hahahaha good times. 

This serum basically is a warming serum , when you apply it on your legs it literally almost chooses parts where the fat needs to be burned more and gives your random burning like feelings. At the start  i didnt realize the product had thermal effects so when it started warming up i thought i was having some sort of allergic reaction and i started panicking . (yes our day was so funny) The serum has an almost minty spicey smell to it and is a yellow color. The serum i found worked really well and when the thermal part kicked in it was almost like relaxation i felt like i was in a spa at times. The serum is long lasting and i do find it does its job to a certain extent. I felt it helped tighten my skin and helped make my problem areas appear to look better. I loved the packaging due to its flexibility it makes sure all the product inside the foil like tube can come out and it doesnt get wasted. 
Would i buy this again ?! Yes i would . 
30.50 euro.

 I hope you enjoyed my reviews there will be a part 3 coming soon and a giveaway so look out !!
Let me know what you think ?! 
If you have tried any of these or if you think you'll buy them. 
Kisses for now xo 


  1. Hmm. That first product looks really interesting. I should try it out sometime... Thanks for the review! :)

  2. Great reviews dear :) The first and the last product are very interesting..

  3. I haven't uesd any of these products.
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    thanks for sharing!
    Miss Starshiny

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