Saturday, 22 October 2011

Quick Every Day Hairstyle Video

Hello Girls !!
I have been sooo excited to share with you the first video i have done and i hope you enjoy it. 
I was supposed to upload a makeup tutorial but as soon as i started filming my laptop died (annoying right ?!) .
There will be more coming soon , let me know your thoughts and any problems you have or questions!

Did anyone notice the awkward moment my clip breaks and im ready to laugh ?! 

Now as you can see i decided to do the 2 strand plait because everyone can do this and its quick and more simple. 
It so complicated doing a three way one !
May i add as well that normally i will have photographs but when i did this video i forgot to take them so sorry guys !!

What im Wearing :
Top : Peacocks 

Hair :
Its natural and has been blowdried using the following products ...
Timotei Shampoo
Garnier Shampoo 
(Yes i use two different types) 
Herbal Essences Mask 

Macrovita Conditioning Spray 
Paul Mitchell Heat Protectant 
Loreal Techni Art Volume 
John Frieda Volume Hairspray 
Aveda Paddle brush
Wide Bobby Pins 
Big Clip on back of my hair.

Makeup :
Bare Escentuals Foundation 
Bare Escentuals Bronzer 
Bare Escentuals Concealer 

Diorshow Mascara 
Urban Decay Naked Palette 
Benefit eyeshadow for brow color

Eyeko Lip balm with a pink tint 
Revlon Lipstick 

Lancome Golden Hat Red Nail Varnish

Most of my items were purchased from
(both have free delivery worldwide)
Hondos Center 

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  1. Awww it was nice to see you in action and hear your voice! I loved this tutorial! When are we going to see some makeup tutorials as well, please? xx

  2. helllo!!!!!!!!!1i am not only a follower but also a reader! by the way your blog is amazing!

  3. Your hair is so shiny, and you explain everything so nicely! Love your accent, kind of reminds me of lauren luke on youtube, so cute :D

  4. @cbsg 5861 Some makeup tutorials hopefully within the week !! Thank so much for your lovely words !

    @eleutheria1988 Thank you so much for your kind words !!

    @Y Hahaha Thank you so much Y , i try to explain things nice and clearly . My accent remind you of her because my English side is from the same area as her !

  5. εχεις fluency στα αγγλικα! καλη αρχη με τα βιντεο! αναμενουμε και τη συνεχεια!

  6. Υπέροχο το βιντεάκι σου!! Καλή συνέχεια!! Περιμένω να δω ακόμη περισσότερα!!

  7. polu kalo to video k exeis teleia profora! meneis agglia?