Monday, 3 October 2011

September Favorites 2011

Hello there guys !!
Im back with my September Favoritessssss !! 
This month has flown by , dont you think ?!

Before i begin my favorites i want to introduce to you my 'trailer' , let me know what you think and whether you think i should start doing some videos on there with hair tutorials, makeup , hauls and so on... 
A few things on blogger are so hard to get across whereas by video its so easy !
This is the trailer i did , all the products below are my september favorites which are shown below . 

Hope you enjoyed that ! The song is Rain over me by Pitbull and Marc Anthony. 

Lets begin with some favorites !!

Garnier Pure Active Exfobrusher 

This is one of my favorite products that i have ever used!! This leaves a fresh feeling to my skin and leaves my skin so smooth. The liquid inside has no little granules its the plastic bristles that do the working . Fabulous !! 

STC Gel Seaweeds Anti Cellulite

A lot of you know im not a fan of creams but this has made a great difference to my thighs where i have been applying it straight after showering. The smell is amazing and the product itself comes in a gel format which means it is easily absorbed into my skin and feels so much better .

Garnier Roll on Anti Dark Circle (with makeup)

This is so handy and easy to use . You dont have to be a professional to know how to work this neither do you need time to sit and pay attention to your eyes. As soon as i am ready to do my makeup i apply this on my eyes , blend it and thats it . Concealer and Eye Cream in one !!

Aveda paddle Brush 

The great thing about this brush is that it lasts even though its pricey and it is well known for the gentle way it helps you brush through your hair. This doesnt hurt my head , its so comfy its almost like its massaging it ! A good quality brush is always worth investing in . 
(Look Fantastic ) 

Garnier Hair spray (5) 

This has been so far the only ahirspray that has kept my hair the way i wanted it. It helps almost seal volume in the hair and at the same time make your hair look shiney and healthy. It is supposed to have 24 hours stay power which i agree too as i tested this theory out and you dont even need to put a lot of this on your hair. 

Paul Mitchell Seal and Shine Thermal Protector 

Paul Mitchell may seem a little expensive but dont be fooled ! The amount of product you get lasts a long time , the smell of it is fabulous almost reminds me of cinnamon and the bottle itself is very easy to use. It makes my hair really shiny and keeps it looking healthy.
(Look Fantastic)

Garnier 7 days Body Lotion

One of my favorite body lotions because of the fact just like Bioten's Body lotion it is light and easily absorbed. It does a great job in hydrating the skin and makes it look shiny and almost refreshed , the scent of it also (aloe vera) is so relaxing and comfortable. A really cheap product with excellent quality !

Burts Bees Lip Balm 

This is a great lip balm because it instantly hydrates my lips and has acai berry in which is fabulous for detoxifying and rejuvenating those dry lips of yours . The container and the way the wax has been moulded in to the container is handy because there is a 1% chance of it breaking , it is also small and easy to carry around. 
(Feel Unique)

Note: I didnt write where i got the Garnier products from due to the fact that everyone can get them everywhere (supermarket, online etc) .

Thats all for now guys ! 
Let me know what you think of the trailer ?! If you have tried any of these products and if so your thoughts on them ! 


  1. μου αρέσει πολύ το lip balm(ψάχνω να βρω το ιδανικό αυτό το καιρό) και τη κρέμα μαλλιών που προστατεύει απο την θερμότητα!απο που τα προμηθευόμαστε αυτά??

  2. @mystickland loipon to lip balm tha to vreis se afto to link

    to thermal protector that to vreis edw ...

    (to heat protector den einai to idio me to diko mou logo oti einai sold out ! i moni diafora einai oti aftoden prosferi kai lampsi mono heat protection)

    enimerose me ama xriasteis tpt allo kai ama ta paris na mou peis ama sou aresan !

  3. lovely post! I will try the Garnier concealer! thanks also for another lovely comment in my blog!! :*

  4. ooh, vids, yes! i vote yes :)

  5. I'd be interested in videos! I love watching tutorials on how to do makeup. I'm always looking on how to do cool new looks! I see everyone raving about the under eye circle stuff and I can't wait to try it for myself!

  6. @citygirl let me know how you got on , you're welcome !

    @y ti tha leges :p

    @ beautyonacollegebudget Try it and let me know what you think of it ! Keep a look for some cool new looks then :) xo

  7. I LOOOOOVEEEE this song! I have the original Garnier roll-on but I don't feel it really does something but it is refreshing and fun to use (:

  8. I have a problem with the video!!!But as far as I can see we share the same love for caffeine roll on. Since I have short hair I don't use many hair products...but I liked Garnier Pure Active Exfobrusher

  9. thank you so much for another fabulous comment!! It happens to find little charming places to go the past few months and I love sharing them with my followers!! :)

  10. @gaby i love the song too , spanish is sooo sexy !!I really love the garnier roll on and the original , its so easy to use !! I feel it works :)

    @demi oh i dont know why the video isnt working :/ The garnier exfo brusher is amazing !!

    @citygirl fantabulous !!