Thursday, 13 October 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette Review 4/5

Urban Decay Naked Palette 
Now as a treat for myself , i purchased the Urban Decay Naked palette , Im the kinda girl who doesnt wear a lot colored eyeshadows , i like naturals so this palette pretty much sums me up and i had to try it ! 
To begin with , the packaging i find to be very nice however it eventually starts wearing off due to its velvet like cover and gold stamp font. I would really love it if the new version (which im guessing there will be one) had more stable and protective packaging and not velvet were makeup droppings can cling too.  You should be able to tell in my photo below. 

Now the eyeshadows themselves are beautiful. 
They come in all the nude colors you could want , whether you like matte eyeshadows or shimmery ones .The other great thing with this palette is that you can create so many looks, everyday when i do my makeup i am experimenting -mixing whatever i think looks good and seeing the final result. 

The eyeshadow quality i find to differ at times. 
When i first tried them out the eyeshadows were perfect and long lasting no creasing. Then one night when i was out and about drinking some alcohol (why am i mentioning alcohol , i dont know i always feel makeup looks its worst when you drink) when i got back to home i noticed the eyeshadows had creased a lot and i was really shocked. So i decided i would start taking notice of it and my results were if you dont wear primer , its going to crease. Urban Decay defos knows what they are doing by giving an eyeshadow primer in this set. 

The colors i find get a great score , they are the best colors i have ever seen on an eyeshadow palette. 
As mentioned before everything you need is in this little palette which is so handy to carry around with you. They are all so pigmented , you will love them! I heard a lot of people saying they found the eyeshadows crumbled -which they have a point . They eyeshadow does crumble if you dont pick it up with the right brush and the right technique i found. 

The flat bristle 'shadow' brush makes things a lot easier. 
Because the bristle are flat i tend to press it on the eyeshadow and then gently drag down the eyeshadow to get the product on the brush. Then when i apply it to my eye i again press it on and start sweeping gently , this way there is no fall out and no crumble. If i was to use another brush it would be a disaster so again this is why Urban Decay supplied us with this brush , the knew what they were doing. 

The primer i find works very well , but it doesnt amaze me ive got to admit .
It comes in almost a sample size i would call it at 3.7 ml and has really nice packaging that is very attractive. The primer itself reminds me of concealer and the product is applied with a wand like application. I think its as good as it gets but maybe if they can make the formula a little bit better. 

Overall what i think ?!
I would buy this again just because of the beautiful colors. I think the eyeshadows make the palette everything it is , not the quality so much. 
I loved the brush and i would love to buy some brushes from Urban Decay's eyeshadow collection, they are superb quality. 
The primer , i think theres a newly released version of this one i got so i think i will invest in the new one but i would buy the original again , unless i come across a better one. 

Of course its worth it ! It loses a point because it didnt match the big hype everyone makes it out to be , even though this is a fantastic palette but the eyeshadows arent that long lasting. 

This cost me around 40 euro /£35.00 from Look Fantastic .
To purchase Click Here !

Let me know ! Have you tried this out ? Is it on your wish list ? What do you think of it ?
Would you like to see some looks with these eyeshadows ?!


  1. Α γεια σου!!!! Αυτό λεω και γω!! Δεν κρατανε δεν κρατανε!!! Δεν αξίζει με τιπτοα τα 40 ευρω που έδωσα για να την αποκτήσω!!! Με τίποτα όμως!!!!

  2. Σχολιάζω απο μέσα μου πριν διαβάσω: πόσο σε ζηλευώωωω!!!!
    Αφού το διαβάζω, λοιπόν, σκέφτομαι:
    1.πόσο δίκιο έχεις για τη βελούδινη θήκη! Το έχ παρατηρήσει με μια παλέτα των TBS
    2.δεν κρατάνε μόνα τους;;χμ;;; σε εμένα κανένα χρώμα δεν κρατάει χωρίς βάση..πάντα βάζω γιατί έχω λιπαρό βλέφαρο...
    3. €40 είναι πολλά.....
    4.τα χρώματα όμως είναι απίθανα!
    Οπότε τι κάνω;;; Μαζεύω λεφτά κ την αγοράζω ή save my money???Oυφ...

  3. Lucky girl!

    Ό,τι αρνητικό και να πεις, εμένα δε μου ξεκολλάει από το μυαλό: τη θέλωωωω!!! Οκ, κάνει 40 ευρώ αλλά μιλάμε για 12 σκιές Urban Decay +το UDPP +ένα πινέλο. Δηλαδή η τιμή είναι σωστή γι'αυτά που παίρνεις. Κατευθείαν στο wishlist!

  4. @kerasia xairome pou simfonis , eimouna ligo anxomeni mipos ekana kati lathos giati pragmatika oli lene pos einai long lasting i skies , den simfono !!

    @korina 1) i thiki poli me ekneurizei
    2)kai omos exo vrei skies pou me exoun kratisei , tis benefit einai san cream eyeshadow kai epidi forousa smokey eye oli tin wra sta 16 mou tin agorasa kai einai teleia .
    3)einai polla ondos.
    4)einai teleia ta xromata
    sou protino na tin paris kai na dokimaseis kai na peis esy tin gnomi sou !

    @cbsg einai wishlist material den leo !! aplos min exeis high hopes !!

  5. Wow, for this price, I wasn't expecting the shadows to crease! How disappointing! I'm not sure I understand why this palette is so popular, I'm very happy with my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (:

  6. wraio post! krima pou den htan toso kalesoso hlpizes.. euxaristw kiolas gia to sxolio sou sto blog mou!! :)

  7. A really good and honest review! I think if you are a natural eye look girl and use it almost every day, 40€ is ok. I haven't tried it yet but I hope I will soon! :D

  8. They e/s don't last with or without primer? Unfortunately I have oily lids nothing stays at its place without primer and the UDPP is the only one tha works for me. I think that the price is good 12 e/s and a primer and a brush!!!!

  9. Great palette, so many beautiful colors!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  10. I totally agree with you, an amazing palette, but with all the hype i expected it to be phenomenal!! The brush I really like too

  11. @gaby i know , i really must try the too faced version !

    @citygirl to ksero ala edaksi pali euxaristimeni eimai !

    @nataliedouka as i said i would buy again , just need to find a better primer !

    @demi with primer as well i found they didnt last! :/

    @fabrizia they are!

    @y :)


  12. koritsia an kai thn exw sta xerakia mou liges meres mono 8a pw pws....I'M IN LOVE bebaia akriboutsikh indeed....alla apo thn allh pe8ainw gia urban decay....
    den tis exw dokimasei xwris primer gt exw lipara blefara so....den kserw poso antexoun alla 8a kanw ena test....!!!
    oso gia th 8hkh.....thumbs down....spaei neura gt lerwnei kiolas.....kai den ka8arizetai eukola...
    to pinelaki....ola ta lefta.....kai to primer....super...
    pantws polu kalo to review kai eilikrines....!!!