Saturday, 5 November 2011

Awards & FAQ

Hi there !!

Im here today to present two awards i was given by the lovely Miss Starshiny, which with the chance i want to say a huge thank you to for awarding me with them!

In return i would like to award ... 
*drum roll* 

I only chose three bloggers because i didnt want to choose too many so the next person has none to choose from !
These are three bloggers that i really believe are sweet and very creative !
Well done !! xo 


A lot of people have seemed to be asking a lot of questions lately since i've started uploading videos so i thought a great idea would be for me to sit down and answer them all via video ! 

So if you have any questions you want to ask me , leave a comment below and i will do a video next week answering them all. 

Questions can be anything from beauty to learning more about me as long as they dont get toooo personal!

So yes leave a comment below with as many questions you have and i will answer them next week !!

Kisses xo 


  1. Ohh thank you so much gia to award! k esu eicai polu glukia!!! <3

    Poia einai ta agpmena sou kragion k lipgloss?(exw kollima me t kragion giauto se rwtaw agapi mou!) :P


  2. Συγχαρητήρια :) Έχεις πολύ όμορφο blog και σου αξίζουν τα βραβειάκια!!
    By the way σου έκανα follow στο twitter!! Είμαι η Kleoniki D. Tel.. Αν θέλεις ανταπέδωσε και θα τα λέμε και από κει!!
    Φιλάκια πολλά και σου εύχομαι να συνεχίζεις να μας παρουσιάζεις τόσο ωραία ποστ!!

  3. Oh congrats for the award! xx

  4. you have amazing blog! i thnk you really deserve it! take care. greetings from Italy. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  5. A little bit late but... THANK YOU GIRL!!! You know I love you!!!!

  6. χαιρεται χαιρεται!
    εχει εδω και λιγο καιρο που ανακαλυψα το blog σου και κανεις απιστευτη δουλεια!ειμαι 18 χρονων και θα ηθελα τη γνωμη σου για μια καλη ελαφρια κρεμα ματιων που λεω να αρχισω να βαζω και γενικοτερα για ολοκληρωμενη περιποιηση της επιδερμιδας(το εχω μεικτο τυπο δερματος)

    συγχαρητηρια για μια καομη φορα!φιλακια

  7. Hello Athina ! Pisteuw oti genika oli prepi na xrisimopioume krema gia ta matia oti kai na exoume !Mia elafria krema gia ta matia hmmm... san rolo sou protino garnier roll on einai poli elafri kai skin friendly alios apivita aqua vita nomizo legete i krema mation tous einai poli orea kai elafria ... i kaliteri gia mena einai tou korres nixtolouloudo se osous tin exo protino exoune pei ta kalitera logia- aplos auti einai ligo varia :) Sou protino na pas sto farmakio na zitiseis deigmata gia tis apivitas kai tou korres kai na dokimasis protou agoraseis :) xo