Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lots of reviews Part 3

Its that time again where i flood you with my reviews from products i have been testing out ! 
Enjoy :) 


YSL Lipstick  (33) 5/5

Sorry for the 'no flash' pics , with flash my lips seemed like i was wearing a bright red.

I appear to have fallen in love with YSL lipsticks ... They are so pigmented with just one swatch and if you dont believe me go to your local counter that sells YSL and test them out, thats what testers are for ! I think they are worth every penny ! This specific lipstick has a berry like smell to it and comes in a dark purple/brown color. Very gothic yet glamorous. Its long lasting , i found it almost had like a stain effect to it and it is creamy yet very matte. Theres not really much i can say about a lipstick , i think the pictures do the talking for the rest of this review. 
This lipstick is from the new collection for Christmas!

Yes i would buy this again but in a different shade !

32.57 euro 
Buy from your local YSL supplier

Garnier Lip Balm in Shine 4/5

This lip balm has a pearly, shimmer like finish to it , i would say. It has a round finish to it which helps to make things more precise. Even though the stick itself is quite hard when applied to your lips just enough product kind of 'melts' off so you evenly distribute it, if you know what i mean?! You know that lip balm that over applies product and your sat rubbing your lips together so they are not that cakey. Well this doesnt do that, which is what i like. The color of the lip balm is almost like a frost color and when applied to your lips just leaves a pearl like shine. I wouldnt recommend this for underneath your lipstick because i think it has too much character to it and will mix up the look.As far as softening your lips i would say its just your usual lip balm , it does its job but not to a miracle level like some other lip balms do. I recommend this for those days were you dont wear lipstick but want a bit of life to your lips. 

Yes i would buy this again just for the natural shimmer effect.

2.58 euro 
Anywhere that sells Garnier

Khol and Contour By Bourjois (72 Noir Expert) 5/5

This was in my October Favorites which im sure most of you seen and i did promise i would review this at some point, so here it is. What really grabbed my attention with this was its high pigmentation from the moment you swatch it .. you dont need to go over it ! The other thing i really like about it is that its long lasting and it doesnt smudge. This is going to sound weird but its not a pencil like liner its more of a creamy liner even though its not blendable , if anyone gets me?! I got this from Korina when we did our swap and she said she didnt like this cause the product didnt seem to click for her and neither did she like the texture of it - im just glad we swapped because its been a favorite of myne , by far one of the best eyeliners ive used!
Yes of course i would buy it again, i love it !

Around 7 euro.
Buy from Local Beauty Store that sells Bourjois.


Body Shop Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge 5/5

I wouldnt exactly call it a soft sponge however i think it leaves your skin feeling soft... Not really sure to which  part the title refers to. This is really good and cheap , i like to use this to wipe of my mask with slow massage motions and some lukewarm water. Then i clean it afterwards with some Anti bacterial soap so it doesnt keep any bacteria for the next time i use it. The Body Shop recommends this for deep cleansing and removing makeup but as mentioned above i like to use these for kinds of sponges for removing masks. Its such a nice way to remove a mask because you can accurately clean all areas your face is covered in mask with. Its also not messy for the bathroom sink. This is quite thick which means it can absorb more water and speed up the process to removing whatever it is you choose to due to its capacity. 

Yes i would buy this again.

2 euro.
From The Body Shop

 Symmetria Eye Cream (E02 Heal) 4/5 

The great thing i have noticed about Symmetria's products are that if you want fast results you get them with their creams (or the ones ive tested out anyway). This eye cream is very strong and only needs literally a dot of this product, if you put a little bit more like i did it brings out your skin around the eye in a red rash (which has happened to me with other creams as well) , so this is one of them 'only put a little bit on 'cream. When you touch your skins surface after putting this cream on you will feel tightness and firmness , it almost has a wake up effect to your eye ! These are the results i saw on my eyes after using this product , keep in mind that im not a eye bag sufferer neither wrinkle sufferer (due to my age). The cream's texture is normal and has a aqua like color to it which i really liked because it seemed to differ from other eye creams appearance. The packaging from Symmetria as always is really nice and modern. This cream is a anti ageing and has healing action for the eyes! 

I dont know whether i would buy this again because even though the product is excellent 75 euro is a little bit out of my price range ! I think im at the age as well (20) were i dont need to invest in that big of a price eye cream yet. 

75 euro 
Buy from Symmetria

Pom Pom Oily Skin Wipes 3/5

Even though i dont take my makeup off with these i like to take these with me when traveling or if im sleeping over my boyfriends house. These save me carrying around a lot of products to top up my skin and keep it clean and refreshed. For example when i wake up in the morning if i dont have a cleanser with me i will simply splash my face with water , dry my skin and then wipe clean with some wipes. So yes basically they are my in my travel kit... Im constantly trying out new ones! (So if you have any recommendations let me know). These wipes i found really nice for my skin , they left it feeling clean and refreshed and didnt break me out . The only thing i didnt like about these was the fact there was too much product on the wipes. I almost felt like i wasting the wipes when i was throwing them away! It sounds crazy but they are too moist which meant i had to wait a minute for my face to dry. They have a wipe kind of smell which i dont mind but even though these wipes are supposed to have grape extracts , i felt like they were invisible. Im not sure how many wipes are in a packet but i can tell you the wipes are really thick and i would estimate around 20 . 

I would buy again but i do feel theres better out in the market. 

3 euro 
Buy from Supermarkets and Beauty Stores here in greece.

Garnier Roll On 5/5 

This is one of my all time favorites for sure. What it is i love about this product is the fact that you roll it on and thats it. There are no rules for this product and i think thats what a lot of people love about this. (I have even heard of people using these on their blemishes to calm them down) The packaging is simple yet funky and i love how its been designed in a wand kind of way makes things easier. The roller speeds things up , which means if your a woman who has a busy lifestyle you can literally give your eye a pampering session anywhere for a few seconds and it will work wonders on those tired eyes of yours ! Just the roller itself , just that action your doing helps speed up your blood circulation which helps make your eyes look fabulous! Im not saying you should expect miracles from this product , i think you should expect to get the results you eyes need on a daily basis. The liquid is clear , light and is easily absorbed by your skin. I like to massage this underneath my eyes (were bags form ) and at the sides (were wrinkles form). My mistake before was mentioning only women , wrong !!! Men can use this as well and guess what they like it because theres no fuss to it . 

Garnier Roll On anti Dark Circles 5/5

I like to use this on the days i wake up early in the morning and i dont have time for my skin care routine before i start applying makeup.( I then tend to set it with some powder to make sure it stays there) I find it conceals my eyes perfectly fine and again you can use this not just as an eye product but as a concealer for the face. The only thing with this is , if im right in saying so - i dont think there are other shades available?! So im thinking people with more porcelain skin tones and darker skin tones will have a problem with this as it wont suit the color of their skin. This color isnt perfect for my skin but its still wearable ... I find both of these roll ons very long lasting and if you have any trouble getting the product out of the tube if you squeeze a bit it should come out. 

Even if these run out , until you get another one use the empty roller to roll on your temporary eye cream!

Of course i will be buying these again , i love them !!

12.99 euro
Anywhere that sells Garnier.

Apivita Express Beauty with Propolis 5/5

Oh come on! You knew they were going to get full score, they are my favorite masks !! This one is for oily skin that is young. Now what i liked about this was that i noticed within the product there is the odd little granule (which im guessing is to exfoliate a little) so when i was applying this mask , i tried to apply it in circular motions to exfoliate a little and then left it to dry out for 15 mins ! The mask is a dark brown color and it has a nice discreet smell to it. I found this mask to calm down any blemishes i had and also my skin. It also reduced redness and almost brought it back to life again. You get 2x sachets and you should get 4x uses out of them !

Yes i will be buying lots more of these masks and this particular one as well!!

3.50 euro 
Buy Me Apivita

Eye Mask by STC  3/5 

This eye mask contains avocado oil , chamomile , aloe vera and sea collagen. The bottle is smaller than what i thought it would be however i understand after using this that theres more than enough product in the bottle due to the fact you only need literally a dot of this to spread around your eye. What i really like about this eye mask is that its very gentle... It hasnt brought my skin out with any rash or redness- theres been no unwanted reaction.  Its a very gentle eye mask , i would say. I find after using it , that it leaves my eye area feeling soft and more refreshed - again i dont see a huge difference in the way my eyes look as im not that bad of a sufferer of eye problems. I found this quite boring though , theres not really any interesting scent to it neither a nice color. I think it would be nice to see this eye mask come out in different versions (scent wise) as well as in sachets so people never get bored!

I would use this again but i wouldnt buy it however i do appreciate that its so gentle towards the eye area!

13.12 euro 
(offer at the moment so be quick if you want it !!) 
Buy Me Parapharmacie

Noexzema Shower Fresh Roll On 4/5

For any of you who dont know i have a huge problem with deodorants , i must have some sort of allergy which brings out a rash. So as you probably guessed its really important for me that i find a deodorant that will do its job yet be gentle to my skin. It has a light yet refreshing smell to it the specific scent i got as stated in the title and is very gentle to my skin. It caused me to break out a couple of times which is good for my skin because so far there hasnt been one that hasnt broke me out in a rash. It felt very light and i felt it did its job. Theres not really much i can say but if your looking for a more skin friendly supermarket deodorant, try this!

I would buy again but for the moment im experimenting with different brands to see if i do ever find a perfect one !

4 euro 
Supermarket or your Local Beauty Store here in Greece .
I think its available outside of Greece as well!

Apivita Cleansing Gel 5/5 

This was another product in my October favorites! This is the travel size and i couldnt resist taking it with me on my travels to Athens. I really loved this (thinking travel wise) firstly the bottle is waterproof , secondly its really strong packaging which means it wont get damaged in the suitcase and thirdly you dont need a lot which makes it long lasting. This specific cleanser i have is for oily/combination skin and i found it really nice for my skin (oily). It left my skin feeling refreshed, soothed and calmed. It was an instant 'wake up skin' in a bottle! The smell is so pure you can smell out every single one of the ingredients in this little bottle. 

Once i finish my Clinique cleanser its getting replaced by a full sized version of this !

4.40 euro 
Buy Me Apivita

Nail Polish 

Korres Nail Polish in Grey Brown 5/5

I really like this color because its an in between grey , i would say. Its neither too hard looking and neither too soft looking. I would say this color is very flexible because it can be worn as a casual polish with a bit of chic look to it and also as a dressed up polish with some glamour to it. What i love about this Korres polish is that its reasonably priced and has just as good quality as a higher brand would have. It needs 2x coats to have maximum effect and i recommend a top coat so it doesnt chip !

Korres Nail Polish in Midnight Blue 4/5

This looks like black with a dark blue tint to it . Its nice for any girl who wants to rock the Rock Chic look but without the hardness of a black color. Again im not going to talk much because what i wanted to comment on the quality and the price is the same as above. It lost a point for me because theres something that doesnt drive me crazy with this color and i am a dark nail color. I think its the way the color finishes on the nail , i can see on the edges of my nail the blue tint yet in the middle of the nail it looks like a black and it almost looks like ive gone over a blue color with black. Im hear to judge quality and not my 'taste' thats why it doesnt have a low score!!

7 euro 
Buy from your local pharmacy or anywhere online that sells Korres.

Would i buy these nail polishes again ?! Yes i would especially Grey Brown , im in love !! Midnight blue might be a miss for me but im hoping to invest in some more colors.

Are you still here ?

Hope you enjoyed these reviews and i hope you use these as a shopping guide for Christmas gifts. 
Let me know whether youve tried any of these , want to get any of these or gift any of these !

Kisses till next time xo


  1. Yes still here! :) Αυτό το σφουγγαράκι του TBS πώς και δεν έχει στην αντίληψή μου? Ωραίο φαίνεται. Από apivita εκτός από αυτή τη μάσκα έχεις δοκιμάσει καμιά για ενυδάτωση που να σου άρεσε? Χρησιμοποιώ του TBS (μια σε ροζ βαζάκι), αλλά δε μου πολυαρέσει...

  2. Xmm polla ap t parapanw proionta mpikan stin wishlist mou! :D

  3. Τι ωραίο review!! :) Έχω δοκιμάσει κάποια άλλη μάσκα από Apivita αλλά γενικά είναι καταπληκτικές!!

  4. το yvsl,ειναι τοσο ωραιο χρωμα!! μαρεσουν πολυ κ τα glitter νυχια! τελειο review! ;)

  5. to mple nail polish tou korre fainetai TELEIO, episis thelw para poly na dokimasw katharistika apivita kai afou les kai sy oti saresan, tote tha s empisteftw! :D In Glittermeup we trust! ;D xx

  6. Wow, mega long review! I'd kill for a YSL lipstick, the colour you bought is actually one of the shades I had my eye on, I think, so I'm quite jealous ha.
    I've also been looking into the cleansing sponge, it's good to know you'd recommend it!

    The Garnier Roll-Ons look really cool, but I was worried about the coverage, so your review definitely helped, thank you lovely xx

  7. @mariza express gold with prickly pear :)

    @fashionsugarbubbles :D xo

    @claire d.t pragmatika einai teleies !! :)

    @joan einai poli wraio xroma aplos emena den mou paei toso gt den exo megala xilia na to kano ligo 'show off' .

    @rafaella euxaristo poli glukia mou pou empistevese glittermeup <3 koita ama exeis amfivolies pigene sto farmakio kai zita ena deigma prwta , i pare to travel size !!

    @francesca try looking on ebay maybe youll find the lipstick there for a better price ! For 2 euro you cant go wrong !! (You will really like an item i have ordered for christmas its a sponge with a twist to it ) be patient and ill review it , i have a feeling its going to be fantastic!! Coverage i would say is normal :) xo

  8. Τι όμορφο που είναι το κραγιόν YSL!! Και η συσκευασία και το χρώμα! Εντυπωσιάστηκα με το μολύβι της Bourjois, το απόλυτο μαύρο! Τα βερνίκια Κορρέ θέλω πολύ να τα δοκιμάσω, έχουν βγάλει και τέλεια χρώματα!

  9. To YSL είναι υπέροχο και εγω το λατρεύω!!

    Δεν έχω δοκιμάσει ποτε βερνικια Κορρέ..

  10. bourjois pencils are good I've already tried them!
    I also liked the polishes!
    Miss Starshiny

  11. Love the roll on by Garnier it works perfecttly for me!


  12. @nataliedouka ola einai teleia !! hahaha :)

    @modernastaxtopouta ysl love <3 dokimaseta tha sou aresoun poli !

    @missstarshiny bourjois is good as a brand in general :)

    @kostantinatzortzi works perfect for me too !


  13. I never knew Garnier had lipbalm LOL!

  14. Λατρεύω τα βερνίκια και μόλις μου έδωσες άλλον έναν λόγο να αγοράσω προϊόν Symmetria. !!!!!! so nice το ''i love blogging!'' :-)