Thursday, 3 November 2011

October Favorites 2011

Hello !!
Im a bit late with my October Favorites and after lots of hassle i finally managed to film a video and write a blog on them for those who prefer either. 

Enjoy the video ! Let me know if you have any requests or questions.
May i also add a few people mentioned some makeup tutorials which i would love to do but my camera wont pick the color up well so be patient with me i will be investing in a better camera soon but i might try in the mean time to do some low quality ones !! 

For all of you readers here is the post for my October Favorites with some extra detail !

Korres Pomegranate Moisturising Gel

What can i say ?! Theres nothing more perfect for us oily skin and acne sufferers than a light moisturizing cream. I used to wear this when i was 15-16 years old (4-5 years ago) and i have found that back then there seemed to be a different formula to this product which was what made me stop buying this, it seemed more heavy and more oily based than water based which it is now and very light and almost refreshing! I have been loving this and have been using this on a regular basis i find it keeps my skin calm , under control and moisturized. 

Apivita Cleansing Gel 

Leaves your skin with a fresh kind of feel to it and has a musky smell which literally i found you can smell each one of the ingredients. I found ti very nice and gentle for my skin and was very handy for when i went traveling to Athens (travel size). It didnt break me out and helped keep a balance on my face. 

Bare Minerals Summer Bisque and Max Coverage Concealer Brush

This covers so much that you probably dont even need to wear foundation. Its very long lasting and has SPF 20 , its a healthy option too.  The brush is extremely good quality and fits perfectly with this item and the concealer is long lasting. I got this free with my Starter Kit from Bare Minerals from Feel Unique. 

Korres Nail Color in Grey Brown 95 

I love this nail varnish and i have found the quality of it to be really good ! This nail varnish lasted me 4 days without chipping with 2 coats of the color and a top coat of nail envy by OPI . This nail polish is one of the best nail polishes i have ever tried and i feel like the quality is really good for the low price tag these have (around 6 euro). This color grey is such a nice girly kind of color which can be combined with glitter - its very flexible when it comes to adapting different looks. 

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover

This bottle is so handy and fabulous and i am an official addict! I dont know why this hasnt been in my life earlier and i have only now discovered it - so much time wasted trying to battle with cotton wool. I actually timed this it only takes 5 secs to remove regular polish and a little bit longer for any glitter/ textured polish. You literally put your finger in and thats it ! 

NYX Nude Pink 858 Lipliner

This is really nice and when combined with lipbalm it helps create an almost lipstick like effect. Its really important to heat this up a bit to help melt this and make it more creamy to create a nice looking and not hard like pencil effect on your lips. This is really cheap only around 4 euros from Ebay and has great quality.

Bourjois Khol & Contour Eyeliner in 72

This was given to em by Korina during our Eco Friendly swap which was blogged about a couple of months ago if you can remember. I have found this amazing , im so glad Korina hated this because i loved it :p Its long lasting and it is so pigmented , this has to be one of my favorite all time eyeliners. 

Apivita Lip Care with Honey 

I love this lip balm so much , it does everything a lip balm should do. It helps protect lips and also moisturize them. I use this underneath my lipstick and let it sink in for about 5 minutes then apply lipstick on top for a nice kissable pout !

Travalo in Gold 

Travalo is amazing and i think everyone should own one of these little guys. This is so handy for traveling and taking it everywhere with you because its light and easy to use. You dont have to be Einstein to use this! I got myne sent from Feel Unique for review and i will be soon doing a tutorial on a how to ...Look out !

Revlon Pink Pout 002 Lipstick

My favorite light pink lipstick which actually looks quite purple/ violet but really swatches as a pink. This is such a nice color not too much in your face pink and neither too nude , just perfect i would call it. I must buy a new one !!

Sigma Blending Brush E25 (Travel Size) 

This brush was very useful and i love how it blends very well the eyeshadow yet doesnt make it disappear . The quality is fabulous , the hairs dont fall out either ! These brushes are very cheap and have are really good quality. Now i understand why they are so 'raved' about . 


Sorry for the quality !
Top is Lipstick Revlon Pink Pout 
Left underneath is Bourjois Liner and Right underneath is NYX lipliner .

Let me know if you have tried any of these ?! If you want to and what your favorites were!!
Oh and feedback on the video :) 



  1. Από που να ξεκινήσω.. Μμμ το video είναι καταπληκτικό κοπέλα μου! Όσο για τα προϊόντα έχω δοκιμάσει μανό από Korres και το lip care από Apivita!! Και οι δύο είναι εταιρίες που μ'αρέσουν πολύ τα προϊόντα τους και μένω πάντα ευχαριστημένη! Αχ έχω ξαναδιαβάσει για το travalo! Θέλω να το αποκτήσω και εγώ.. Θα δω πως θα το αποκτήσω!!
    Υπέροχο ποστ :D Φιλάκια

  2. I've been told Pink Pout is a dupe for MAC Angel... I think I will need it!

  3. Έχω χρησιμοποιήσει και εγω κρέμες προσώπου κορρέ αλλά δεν έμεινα ευχαριστημένη..πολύ λιπαρές βρε παιδί μου..όσον αφορά το lip balm,έχω το ίδιο και είναι φανταστικό!!
    μόλις αγόρασα ενα ίδιο χρώμα νυχιών αλλά απο άλλη εταιρία..απλά λατρεμένο!!

    φιλιά απο το ''mystickland''!!

  4. The pomegranate cream is the only one I actually like from Korres, that and the one for young skin in the tube packaging. And I got this Apivita lip balm just two days ago! Yayyy!!! The Revlon lipstick looks so close to Angel by Mac! xx

  5. Latreuw tn profora sou k to 3ereis!! wraio video k pragmata! exw dokimasei ts apivita lip balm k einai super! oso gia tn krema t korres 8elw polu na tin dokimasw! :)

  6. @claire d.t xairome pou saresoun kai sena afta ! To travalo min anxonese kopela mou eimai sigouri tha vreis tropo na to pareis !!:) xo

    @gaby Its fabulous !!

    @mystickland dokimase aftin tin krema gt den einai toso lipari , oti merikes apo tis alles einai simfono xroma apo to verniki einai poli teleio !!

    @cbsg5861 Im glad you liked them :)

    @fashionsugarbubbles hahaha se euxaristo poli ! Nomizo oloi exoume trelathi me to lip balm kai tin krema korres pigene sto fatmakio kai zitise merika deigmata !


  7. Το καφέ μανό καταπληκτικό!!!