Saturday, 19 November 2011

Simple Nail Look #1 Festive Season Style & Dupe

Hello Beautiful's !!
Basically the whole point of this post is not only to give a few ideas on how you should be wearing those nails of yours but how to get the look for cheaper !

Video How to and Dupes 

I am not in anyway saying this is hard, i know its very simple but some women think that even simple is hard when its not !!
I didnt apply a base coat because these polishes dont stain my nail . 

Products Shown

  • Lancome Golden Hat Collection 102 
  • Korres Pure Red 53 
  • OPI Nail Envy Original 
  • Bourjois Clear Top Coat 
  • OPI Black Shatter

Photographs/ Swatches 

Very Simple and Easy ! Perfect for anyone who has short nails :) 
If you have any color requests for a nail look leave a comment below !!

Kisses xo


  1. το nail envy να το αγοραζεις μεσω ebay, εγω το πληρωσα καπου 7ευρω, στα sephora τα ειχαν 32!!
    dupes τι ειναι? δεν εχω καταλαβει...

  2. @missstarshiny Tin teleftea fora pou to pira to pira apo to look fantastic , dinane kati teleia slipper socks me skilaki brosta dwrean ! Pandos euxaristo gia to tip :) Dupes einai kati pou einai idio sxedon , gia paradeigma pano deixno ena verniki 18 euro pou einai olo idio me to allo 6 euro !! xo

  3. ενδιαφερον! σ'ευχαριστω για την ενημερωση!!!

  4. τέλειο το κόκκινο χρώμα ότι πρέπει για τις ημέρες που έρχονται...

  5. Όμορφο μανικιούρ!! Πολύ καλό videaki κοπέλα μου :)