Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Vlog and Travel bag for Athens

I am BACK !
As i mentioned on my Twitter a couple of secs ago. 
Life without blogging feels so empty !
I have been gone for 5 days and i had the intention of going to Athens and blogging however this wasnt the way things turned out. 
I seemed to be busy all the time and constantly out of the house and when i was in the house i was tired and sleepy. 

I love reading how people got on during their trips and any news so i decided to do a really nice beauty turned vlog!
Enjoy :)

After 6 hours in the car on the way to Athens i was so tired and as soon as i arrived in Glyfada , my eyes seemed to suddenly wake up! I looked around and found heaven ...Shops , shops and more shops. I thought to myself where am i living , why arent i here ?! 

I am one of those people who love to be out all the time. 
I only like to be at the house when im having a aromatherapy relaxation session or when im blogging and chilling. 
Athens felt perfect for me because 24 hours a day there is life everywhere and i love it!

Lets talk Beauty.
I found a Sephora store thankfully but i was so disappointed with the customer service in Glyfada's store and i wasnt the only one. I was waiting in the queue to buy this lovely nail polish remover which everyone has been raving about (which by the way is fantastic) and they seemed to be taking ages and ages to serve people. This sales assistant came up to me and said can these women go in front of you because they have the kids (i was standing with a kid , my cousin which was ironic) and i said ok. I was really eager to see if they had bought anything expensive and this was why Sephora felt the need to place them in front so they dont have to wait ages in the queue - i couldnt see anything. Next thing you know these two women barge in front of me like there is no queue and hand their products over to pay for them. Why didnt i speak because i wanted to see if anyone would do anything about this... The women who had the kids got so angry at the fact they were waiting ages , they left their stuff and left shouting and complaining about the customer service.  I eventually got served and im glad the product was worth it because everything else wasnt. 

I spilled half of this all over my laptop and my laptop is now stained but im just grateful my laptop hasnt broke . Yes , im an idiot. 

Most of my shopping consisted of clothes , so sadly beauty was out of the case as lately i have no clothes because im buying so many beauty products !! Beauty addict , i know...

Exam Time... 
Many of you probably know the original reason i went to Athens , which was to do some exams and i have a good feeling about them but i dont know it is really 50-50. 
On the way to the examination place me and my dad checked out some lovely places within Athens such as Monastiraki which i love , love. I found it so upsetting to see people who were homeless, poor , addicts and so on walking around town. It made me sit and think for a moment how lucky i am to have a home , food and most importantly family. Some of the people i saw really disturbed me ... 6 yeard old kids walking around the city of Athens playing instruments asking for money all alone. Every one minute being asked for money of homeless people. The point is i saw a lot and its not a nice picture. 

I hope you have enjoyed the photos and if you have any questions ask me :) 
I have a competition coming up straight after this post so look out !!

Whats in my Travel Makeup Bag ?!

Makeup Bags 

Whats on my nails ?!

Thats about it lovies !! If you want to know more about any of the products shown , let me know !!
Of course if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me !!
Missed you xo 


  1. So glad you had a great time in Athens! Yeah the rising number of homeless people is an issue... I love Monastiraki, it's my favourite place to go out at night! Oh and good luck to your exams! xx

  2. I am so sad we didn't got the time to drink a coffee together... I am glad your exams went well! Let me know for the results!!!

    The garnier Roll on is amazing! I am using it since a few weeks and I love it! What do you think?
    Kiss sweetheart!!!

  3. @cbsg5861 Me too i love Monastiraki! I havent been there at night time but im sure its fabulous xo

    @korina yes i have been using the tinted one before applying makeup and the non tinted one for times im in a rush and need a quick fix !! Never mind we'll go for coffee some other time !! xo