Thursday, 15 December 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Hello Ladies !
I want to begin by saying a huge thank you for all of my birthday wishes and that i really appreciate the love and support from all of you. Secondly i have just recently started doing a detox it basically involves me eating salads, fruit, tea and lots of water. I know its not that much of a 'proper' detox but seriously all i really want is to clear my body of any bad toxins and bad food needs so i can try to lose a couple of pounds healthily afterwards. Do you ever detox ? If so whats your detox routine ?! 

Lets get on with the review which is the main reason why im writing this blog post!! 

I was lucky enough to be sent to try out the Cleanse and Polish system by Liz Earle which i was and am so excited about because i adore Liz Earles products and image. 
I have actually tried out this system before when it first came out in England and everyone was going nuts about this. I really loved it so i was really interested to see whether after 6 years the formula had changed in anyway, thats why i wanted to review this again. 

The package arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with plenty of informative leaflets explaining to me everything about Liz Earle and her products.It came in a waterproof case which is very very useful because its water friendly and also along with a muslin cloth and the product itself. There are no animal extracts in this product and it contains naturally active ingredients. 

The product itself has a thick consistency with a white color to it. It smells of natural ingredients that are very refreshing and friendly to the skin. The packaging is very handy it has a pump to get the product out, which is thumbs up, also the packaging is waterproof which once again is something i absolutely love. Theres nothing worse than being scared to get water on your product incase all the labels start falling off or fading away. 

How i use it. 

Firstly i like to fill the sink up with hot water ( obviously make sure the sink is clean) alternatively use a bucket.
Once you do that place your hair away from your face and pump once to get enough product out and massage it all over your face. 
You should look like a beautiful mess. 
Stand back and prepare to be amazed at how quickly and easily your makeup is going to come off with this cloth. 
Dip the cloth in the hot water and start gently rubbing away your makeup off your face, you should instantly see the makeup coming off. 
Make sure you frequently dip it in the water to squeeze the cloth and get rid off any excess makeup. 

Thats about it...

Now as you can see this is how i use it and it works perfectly. Liz Earle claims it can take off the most stubborn mascara - i totally agree to this statement you will find that you will need to put maybe another pump of product on your eyes to get that complete gone finish. One of the things i noticed with this product which is a downside in a way is that if you dont have hot water for some reason this is not going to come off nicely at all. Its really important you take this off with hot water. 

Overall i have to say i love this product everything about it screams to me skin friendly and it never broke me out. It is very long lasting and is reasonably priced. Once the muslin cloths are dirty put them in the washing machine to clean them up again so its kind of eco friendly away this product. I am definitely going to buy another one of these when its finished because in the long run it works out cheaper and much healthier for my skin. 

The starter kit with the muslin cloths 



  1. lovely review hun! I'm seriously dieing to try it!!! :) xx

  2. nice review!(

  3. Ωραίο review. Κάθε Άνοιξη κάνω μια εβδομάδα αποτοξίνωσης.. Τρώω μόνο ξηρούς καρπούς, ανάλατους,φρούτα και λαχανικά, αλλά ωμά.. Δηλαδή τίποτα να μην είναι βρασμένο..Και καθόλου καφεινη ή ζάχαρη.. Το πρωί πίνω μόλις ξυπνήσω χλιαρό νερό με λεμόνι..
    Πραγματικά νιώθεις μετά από 1 εβδομάδα άλλος άνθρωπος.. Φυσικά αν έχεις χαμηλή πίεση καλύτερα να το αποφεύγεις!
    Καλό σαβ/κο!!