Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mens Gift Guide & Manly Reviews

Hello Ladies !
Yes of course you read right !! I found a guinea pig who was willing to test out these products to help give us women a guide on how a man feels with this gift and of course if it does its job. Lets not lie to ourselves which man wouldnt prefer that new Playstation game over Grooming products but this is a blog focused on Beauty mainly and i decided it would be interesting to see how a man reacts to these products. Hopefully they can also help you guide that man in your life on what he should choose and also even help you see whats a good gift for him this Christmas. 

Enjoy and do excuse the manliness in this review. 



(mans hand not myne :p)
This is the Facial Fuel by Kiehls which is an energizing moisture treatment for men. This is supposed to help skin resist the effects of environmental stress for a healthy invigorated appearance. I was sent lots of sample's of this product so i cant really comment on the packaging. The smell of this great, one of my favorite , it smells like mint mixed with that mens aftershave smell. The texture of this is like a gel which i liked because it was very light and was also easily absorbed. When applied to the face it is very softening and refreshing and didnt break me out in any sort of way. After using this cream for 28 days i found my skin to be more healthy looking ,clean and smooth. This is a great cream for a guy because its very simple and us men love simple things. 

Buy at Hondos Center Glyfada , Kolonaki and at The Attica Department Stores.


This is the Garnier Fructis Style Ultra Strong Gel which says that it stays for 24 hours. The packaging on the outside is really nice , i like the green metallic effect it has on the cover , it clashes really nice against the black and looks very manly. I would however have preferred this did come in a tub form instead of a squeeze out container- tubs remind me of gels thats why. The gel has almost like a fruity smell which is really good, almost reminds me of that clean hair shampoo smell. The color of the product is clear even though when it comes out of the tube it looks like it is dark due to its black lid reflecting. I really loved the texture of this however it is quite thick ... I havent noticed whether it lasts 24 hours but i did notice it lasting over 15 hours. Its very easy to handle and to style your hair with and the gel locks the style in i would say after about 15 minutes. Overall i think the price is good and you get a lot of product which is long lasting. I recommend this to any man who wants long lasting style to their hair. 

(mans hand not myne :p)

Για κράτημα και look που θέλεις να σε βρει ο καινούριος χρόνος!'

6.00 EURO 

Other Gift Ideas for Him 
These werent reviewed but were picked out by 'him' as appropriate gifts .

I hope this was a helpful guide for that man in your life !
Most of the images were took from Google. 

Let me know what you are planning on getting that special man in your life !! 
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