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Passion Savon Soaps Review

Hello Girls ! 
Today im going to show you a couple of soaps i was sent to test out. 
These are by a French Company called Passion Savon who make natural handmade soaps. 
The company states...

We offer a wide collection of natural handmade soaps, made in the south west of France and full of the creativity and expertise of Nia Hafsia, aromatherapist for over 25 years. We use a cold process method that keeps intact the precious ingredients in our unique recipes. Protecting and preserving our skin, the largest organ of our body is our first priority, alongside protecting and preserving our environment.
No palm oil - No preservatives - No petrochemicals - No harsh detergents 

Lets begin the reviews...


As you will have noticed i decided to write that extra part about the company just because its a company that not a lot of us have heard of. Please do take into consideration , i am not a huge soap fan  but i love handmade ones ...

Olive and Lemon Scrub 

Olive is known for its beautiful and intense moisturizing qualities and lemon for that zist of freshness . Within the soaps are granules which help the scrubbing process . The color is a beautiful green and goldy yellow which i love. The smell is one of them things that let me down with this soap- i cant smell lemon and olive. I can feel the olive in the soaps texture but the smell is something more like mint with a touch of citrus to it. Infact it reminds me of Vix i think its called ( the thick wax paste you place on your chest when your poorly). 

If you look on their website at the link provided below you will see a full list of things this particular soap is good for. May i also mention my soap is a sample size ...

As you can see on the website in comparison to the photo on their website my soap doesnt have the same pattern which is something i dont like , i find it very misleading. 

6.00 EURO

Petitgrain & Lavender 

This smells of Lavender , this has got to be one of my favorites it is beautiful from head to toe . The one side of my soap has dried lavender on it which is so nice to sit and bathe with , very relaxing the whole dried flowers in the bath.I love the pattern on the soap as well ...

If you look on their website at the link provided below you will see a full list of things this particular soap is good for. May i also mention my soap is a sample size ...

6.00 EURO

Rose Soap Meringue

I like its shape and nude pink color... Its the most different out of all of the companies soaps collection and i would like to see more of these kind of funky shapes. I think this is perfect for a gift set , which either you yourself could make up or the company itself. Again it has a strong smell which doesnt really remind me of Rose Meringue even though it does smell similar to the face cream showing below. Its not the 'rose smell' you would expect. 

Cant seem to find a link anywhere linking this soap but do check out this section , its my favorite - their christmas collection !!

Tea Soap 

As a fanatic of Tea i thought this would be the perfect soap to choose... Call me crazy but im sure this smells nothing like tea. I think one of the problems this company has is the smells of the soaps dont seem to match the scents as described. Which is not really great. The smell of this soap reminds me of that classic soap bar mixed with a couple of herbs - thats the only way i can describe it. It has little granules in that i love though !!

I was sent a full size of this as well as a sample size , the full size is the one covered in plastic and has printed on all the information. 

6.00 EURO 

Arabica Beans & Pistachio 

This has a soft smell of coffee , it reminds me of someone early in the morning drinking that hot cup of coffee- im sure i can smell cream in it as well !! This soap is beautiful due to its bold brown body and top half in a creamy color reminds me of the layout of coffee. This really drifts you away, its one of them soaps you close your eyes and imagine as well as relax. Even though i hate coffee , i love the scent of it !Once again nothing like the image on the website...

6.00 EURO

Rose Pure Moisture Cream 

This cream was sent to me from the same company but it has a different website... I was sent a small pot of this as seen in the photograph. It has a white creamy texture and color to it and also smells really strong , i think its like milk but weird milk. I dont know whether its the ingredients being so natural that makes them have really weird smells but this one was my least favorite out of all of them. The great thing about this cream is that its natural though and when you apply it to your hands  it leaves a sheen to the skin that looks so natural and beautiful , what a great compliment for the skin. It does stay well moisturized and it does feel like it creates almost like a thick protective layer on the skin. Personally i like to use this on my hands , i have oily skin thats acne prone and im very difficult when it comes to picking out face creams. Its perfect for the hands trust me !! The price tag is big i have to admit ...

47.00 euro 

I think they have some lovely soaps that are very skin friendly and ecological to our planet.I found the soaps to leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth , they were also very relaxing.I do recommend these soaps to anyone who has derma logical  problems because they are really discreet to the skin. I hate it when companies though dont have photographs to show the products true image- does it really matter that much ?! To me (for these soaps) it doesnt but to someone who was maybe basing a gift on the way it looked , would leave them disappointed. I think as well the soaps themselves need to start smelling like some of their labels more strongly as when smelling some of the soaps i noticed other smells interfered with the main smell which disregarded the 'star' smell a bit. I love the way some of the soaps were presented and i love the fact they last long and at 6 euro , it is really well priced. 

Are you a fan of soaps ?! Whats your favorite soap brand is so ?! What do you look for in a soap?!

 Kisses xo


  1. mmm really really interesting!!!!!
    i'm definitely going to check this site!!!


  2. I adore natural made soaps, I particularly love lush and fresh line. These seem quite nice, I'll take a better look.

  3. Nice review and post!!! I am fan of ''King and Queens'' shower gel!!! Candy is my favourite!!!
    Would you like follow each other??? Waiting for ressponse in my blog

  4. @anastasia :)

    @smugnificent Lush does have a lot of fans and interesting products but these soaps are 100 % natural :)

    @julia thank you ! Wow sounds great <3


  5. Δεν χρησιμοποιώ πολύ σαπούνια αλλά αυτά που είναι φυσικά προιόντα τα λατρεύω... Επίσης ξέρω πολλές που φτιάχνουν μόνες τους σαπούνια και αν είναι λίγο χρονοβόρα διαδικασία είναι υπέροχα!!
    Καλή εβδομάδα!! Φιλιά!