Friday, 23 December 2011

Top 11 for 2011 Tag

Good Morning Ladies !
Before i start writing this post i want to just say a huge thank you to all of you .
You dont know how much i appreciate having the opportunity to blog and having such wonderful people reading my posts. I wont get into much detail as im planning on writing a few things for New Years. 
Im just so glad i decided to start blogging because it has been an amazing journey so far and this is just the start. 

Moving on... I was tagged by a couple of bloggers to show you all my favorites of 2011, so keep reading !

Top 11 for 2011 Tag.

Garnier 7 Day Body Lotion 

I have been loving this body lotion because im such a  lazy person when it comes to applying body lotion straight after the bath. The great thing about this lotion is that it is long lasting , smells great , has handy packaging and is easily absorbed !

Garnier ExfoBrusher 

This is a fantastic way to exfoliate your face , i prefer to use this when im in the shower. It has this amazing fresh like smell , is long lasting and does a pretty good job. 

Palmolive Aroma Therapy in Lavender and Ylang Ylang

This is my favorite smell EVER. If i could i would make everything out of this smell so i could smell it all day long. Its so relaxing for a bath and the smell i mean its better than chocolate. Thats how good it is !

Urban Decay Naked Palette 

Even though I may not have given it such an amazing review , the truth is that ever since i have bought it i have ditched my Chanel quads and have only been using these colors on my eyes. The naked palette pretty much sums up my style - im not a colored eye kind of girl , i like nudes and smokey thats about as far as i go. 

Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush F80 

The truth is when i was first sent this i kind of looked at it and was like ok theres nothing special about you. When i actually started using it , it made me realise what fantastic quality brushes Sigma must have , i have never tried anything like it. Its perfect for applying foundation...

Garnier BB Cream in Light

First time using a BB cream and im so glad Garnier didnt fail to impress. I have ditched my foundation and only wear this now with a bit of concealer. Soooo goood !! I will soon do a review and a big competition for these bad boys :)

Apivita Propoline Shampoo for Hair Loss (Women) 

If you follow me you will know that my hair was falling out a LOT. When i say a lot , i mean it - i wish i had taken photographs so people could actually see the difference. My hair does still fall out of course it does , everyone does no matter the condition but it falls out normally now and when im showering about 3 strands fall out compared to the 100 that used to ! Thank you for saving me.

Apivita Cleansing Wash for Oily Skin

Did not break me out one bit. What i love about this is how skin friendly it is with its natural ingredients , i always like to opt for as natural as possible cosmetics but sometimes i find , they dont work that well. This is fantastic it has been so handy to carry around with me and i will be buying the full size product as soon as my big Clinique one finishes ! 

Apivita Lip Balm in Honey

This is not your usual lip balm, why ?! I found it heals your lips as well something most lip balms cant do. You know sometimes when you open your mouth to quick and it cuts on the sides , this happens to me a few times . I swear i put this lip balm on and the next day its healed. I dont know if its just this specific one that acts this way so i purchased the Chamomile one (its in my Santas sock) ill be trying to see if this is just as good. 

Apivita Face Masks

I can remember when i was first introduced to them , my auntie had told me that her best friend uses one of the masks , i honestly thought she had had botox done but apparently not shes uses apivita for her wrinkles. I love them all !! They are so colorful and playful , im always excited to try out the new scents - please apivita can you bring out some more scents ?! (as ive nearly gone through them all) 

Korres Nail Polish in Grey Brown 

Talking about falling in love. This color is so beautiful because its not that hard grey and as i have mentioned before its a very glamorous yet at the same time rock chic look . It goes with everything. I cant stop wearing it !!

Thats about everything. 

I tag anyone who hasnt been tagged yet to do this! 

Do let me know wether these are your favorites ...
I look forward to next years favorites!  
Kisses xo


  1. The Garnier Body Lotion is pretty good!!! I enjoyed your post!
    Have a very merry Xmas girl!!!

  2. ...Merry X-mas..The Palmolive creme body wash is one of my favorite too!I like the red and the purple better!:D...realy good post!
    …All in Style…!

  3. :) Βλέπω έχουμε κοινά αγαπημένα!

    Καλά Χριστούγενναααααα

  4. Ta apivita! my new obsession!


  5. Oooh I should do this tag too, looks fun!

  6. OMG I'm obsessed with that shower gel, it smells divine!! And the F80 brush rocks, actually I love the whole Sigmax line, I'm lemming the new brushes they released lol! x

  7. Τα γνωρίζω όλα τα προϊόντα αλλά μόνο την μάσκα από την Apivita χρησιμοποιώ!! Την λατρεύω εννοείται :)

    Καλές και όμορφες γιορτές γλυκιά μου..
    Φιλάκια Πολλά ♥

  8. Im so glad everyone liked them and agreed in certain cases !! I wish you all to have a fantastic festive season !! <3 Kisses xo

  9. Another Apivita addict!!! Lovely post sweety!!!

  10. Χρόνια Πολλά καλή μου και Καλή Χρονιά!!
    Φιλιά Πολλά!!

  11. i looove reading the favorites of you all so i hava to say that i totally adore the Palmolive shower gel ( i have used more than 4 bottles and still have other 2 at my stock shelf..). i haven't tried out the exfobrusher by Garnier , i have bought by L'oreal the perfect clean which is kinda the same and i'm satisfied....

    happy new the way...