Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A couple of things i got...

Hello , hello , hello !
Yes , thankfully my laptop is fixed and i can get into my blogging regime. 
I decided to share with you a couple of the things i got lately and a makeup look !

Red Rose Water 

I have been loving this stuff so far, i got it from a organic store . This is organic and 100 % natural , it cost me 5, 30 euro. 

Joy Acne Cream  

Again this was bought from my local organic store it costs 9 euro i got it for 7 euro. Apparently it does miracles to acne prone skin... 

St Tropez Gift Set 

Lately i have really been into fake tanning so i told my friend for Christmas to get me a Fake Tan Set , this isnt exactly fake tan - its a gradual tan. I cant wait to review this.
Nails Inc Effects Gossip Girl 

I told my friend to get me this also for Christmas , i was so excited to use it but so far it has been such a let down. Full review coming soon. 

Avon Bulgaria ...

I am very lucky , my boyfriends sister has managed to get her hands in the Avon Bulgaria which means i get everything half price ! She knows someone who lives near the borders of Greece/ Bulgaria who is a representative and oh boy im sure shes making a lot of money of us women here in Greece. Anyway i got the following things as you will see in the photos and i have done a second order as well ... 
All of these cost me 9 euro... 


Gotta love Bulgaria right ?! 

Cheryl Cole Smokey Eye inspired look. 

If you would like to see a tutorial on this let me know !!
Thats everything girls , speak soon !! Much love xo



  1. Nice haul girl!! :) I loooove rosewater and wow you got such a bargain with avon! Lucky girl! What did you use in the last pic? x

  2. @ stravroula i will do a separate post on the look , listing all the products !! Yes , i am very lucky and i wish there was some way i could share this 'luck' with all of you .. ala den voleuei !! xo

  3. Όλα είναι πολύ ωραία :)
    Όπως ξαναείπα υπέροχο το μακιγιάζ αυτό και αν σου ήταν εύκολο θα ήθελα να μας δείξεις πως το έκανες!!

  4. ....I like all of them...great make up...I don't thing that I can do it myself..xixi
    …All in Style…!

  5. @claire d.t & @stavrolino you can do it !! I promise , tha anevaso video kai tha sas deikso pos to kano egw :) xo

  6. Ooh, the Cheryl Cole inspired look is gorgeous, really well done! I've been wanting to try the new Nails Inc stuff since I first saw swatches, looks lovely! xx

  7. really well applied in that look!! great stuff :)) do drop by @ my blog and lemme know what u feel abt my latest posts & lets follow eachother thru GFC & bloglovin if u like:))


  8. Me geia ola!
    Poly omorfo makeup :)

  9. oh they look so great! especially the gossip girl nail polish!! thanks also for your lovely comment inmy blog! :*

  10. Καλοφόρετα!! Το ροδόνερο δεν λείπει ποτέ από το ντουλάπι μου!!
    Το μακιγιάζ σου τέλειο αλλά έχεις και ματάρες!! Φιλάκια