Wednesday, 4 January 2012

DIY Easy Makeup Brush holder

Hello Beautiful Ladies ! 
I went today to my local supermarket to get only two items that cost me around 5 euro , to help make things a lot prettier and cleaner on my desk. Obviously i havent invented this in anyway , lots of gurus rave about this DIY method so i figured i would try !! Its very simple. 

For anyone interested i got my products from Veropoulos Supermarket. 

Lets Begin!

You will need : 

Jar/ Glass Container 
Colored Sand/ Beads 

of course your makeup brushes. 

How to...

My jar came with a lid as you can see in the photos , i simply removed the lid and stored it somewhere out of the way (incase i change my mind and want to use it as a jar) . 

There was colored sand and small beads . I decided colored sand would be more stable for my brushes and thats why i chose them over the beads. What i did think was that a good idea would be to get those beads and put them after you have filled the jar with sand , on top of the sand to give a touch of glamour. 

I basically emptied all of the sand into my jar (1 bottle was enough for me) and placed my brushes in. 

Very simple and easy , i hope you liked it!!
Let me know , how do you store your brushes ?! 


  1. polla likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....souper idea!!!!

  2. Ομορφο! Με βλεπω να αγοραζω βαζα και χρωματιστη αμμο για να βαλω τα καινουρια μου πινελα απο Sigma!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Will totally do something similar now :)

  4. Τελειο ειναι! Εχω και γω ενα παρόμοιο πανω στο μπουντουβάρ μου! :)

  5. Είναι πολύ ωραίο κ πρακτικό εγώ δεν έχω χώρο οπότε τα φυλλάω στις θήκες μου στο βαλιτσάκι!!!

  6. πολυ ωραιο!! εγω αντι για αμμο βάζω χοντρό αλάτι...αλλά αυτο είναι φαίνεται πολυ πιο ομορφο!! :)

  7. Εύκολη και υπέροχη η ιδέα!! :) Μπράβο κοπέλα μου

  8. Kai koritsia evala kai mia roz kordela kai miazei teleio !! Prwth fora mou arese ena DIY toso poli !! Sas euxaristo oles gia ta gluka sas comment , filakia polla xo