Saturday, 28 January 2012

How i organize my Beauty Samples

Hello Ladies 
Today i thought i would take the opportunity to show you how i organize my beauty samples. By saying beauty samples i mean any samples we get with our online orders or from cosmetic store and magazines. We have all gotten them before , im sure. So if you would like to see a good idea on how to store them and why you should get samples , keep reading. 

What are beauty samples to me 

Everyone looks at this a different way personally i like to ask when it comes to shopping in shops for samples. Whats the point of companies making samples if we cant try them. I have noticed in certain shops i have gone too they have had draws full of them and would always say to me , sorry we cant give you any we have ran out - really ?! Most shopkeepers tend to keep them for themselves , so especially when you are purchasing a product you are entitled to them - always ask. 

Beauty samples for me are also great for traveling. When you go traveling take them with you , it will make life so much easier and your suitcase so much lighter. I have samples of makeup remover , face cream , eye cream , shampoo which all suit my body's needs, i only ever carry around with me when traveling 1-2 medium sized cosmetic bags thanks to samples. 

Samples are also a great way to try products before you buy, if there is something i am interested in i will go to my local shop and ask them for a sample in that product , try it out at home and if i like it i will buy. For example as you can see i am full on Apivita face cream and eye cream samples , thanks to these i tried them out and have fallen in love with their skincare range and are planning on changing my skincare products to Apivita once they are finished. Samples are also great for men , everyone knows how fussy men are and nothing ever seems to click with them. Before buying him a cream get him a sample and let him try it , if he likes it go buy it !! I do this for my dad and boyfriend . Simple :)

 I would like to make a point clear whatever samples i know i wont use or dont like i give them to someone who will use them. I never keep anything useless to me.

 How to organize them 

I organize my samples the way i noticed shopkeepers organized theirs . Get a basket , box or a draw that will be dedicated to putting them in and get some elastic bands , if you dont have any like i didnt use the elastic bands for the hair which is what i have used. Same thing !! Organize by whatever category you would like by brands , by their purpose or by quantity and then tie them together with an elastic. 

Very simple girls, never be shy to ask for them they were made for customers. We are customers and especially us beauty bloggers , we are very good customers :p 

Let me know what you do with your samples , if you organize them and if you ask for them.



  1. You are so right!! I like samples, it's always good to try new products and they are useful for travelling! I keep my samples in a make up bag and always give away the ones I won't use, the anti-aging, dry skin, too light/dark ones.

  2. @natalie douka
    I completely agree with you and thats exactly what i do !! I have a bunch of samples to the side ready to give to my cousin (and makeup) :) xo

  3. Πολυ ωραια! Και γω μια μανια με τα δειγματα την εχω...ειναι καλο γιατι ετσι δοκιμαζουμε τα προιοντα πριν τα αγορασουμε και βλεπουμε αν μας αρεσουν!

  4. Εχεις δικιο πρεπει να ζηταμε!
    Ειδικα σε αρωματα και foundation ειναι πολυ καλο να τα δοκιμασεις πρωτα και να δεις αν σου κανουν.
    Αλλα συνηθως λενε οτι δεν εχουν οι πωλητριες.
    Miss Starshiny

  5. I organize them the same way as you do, I have nearly 2 boxes full of samples! The thing about men, very true!

  6. @beautymagnets deigma addict :p nomizo eimai kai egw ala ksero oti kai na ginei tha prepei kapia stigmi na ta xrisimopieiso na min leiksoune !!

    @ missstarshiny egw tora pou pira tis vlefarides apo tin mac , tis zitisa gia deigmata kai mou edwse ena mikro vazaki (fenete sto gift set mesa stin foto) deigma makeup . Pali kala , an kai prosopika stin thesi tis tha edeina 2 diaforetikes apoxrosis gia na vro auto pou mou tairiazei !! Nai to ksero sinithos i politries ta poulane i ta kratane , bes sto ebay kai des pou einai atoma pou ta poulane afou mexri kai ta deigmata apo makiaz klevoune apo ta rafia kai poulane ...

    @ olga I think its the best way and its very neat and organized. Trust me i know , my bf is like i dont like that it doesnt sink in fast enough , it smells weird and so on ... :p xo

  7. Αχ ποσο μου αρεσει που εισαι οργανωτικη! Κι εγω θελω να τα εχω ολα με τη σειρα. Τα δειγματακια μου τωρα τα βαζω σε ενα ομορφο πουγκι που μου εστειλε δωρακι το i-pharmacy στην τελευταια μου παραγγελια. Το ειχα δειξει και στη σχετικη αναρτηση. Κι εγω ειμαι υπερ των δειγματων, δεν το συζητω! Μου εχει τυχει να αγορασω κατι και να κλαιω τα λεφτα μου μετα κι απο τοτε οταν υπαρχει δειγμα εννοειται οτι το δοκιμαζω πρωτα και μετα προχωραω σε αγορα!

  8. Στα Hondos Center μου το λένε συχνά ότι δεν έχουν δείγματα ενώ στα Sephora πάντα μου δίνουν από μόνοι τους!! Η φαρμακοποιός μου μου δίνει αρκετά αλλά μερικές φορές ντρέπομαι και εγώ να της ζητήσω..
    Πολύ ωραία τα οργάνωσες κοπέλα μου τα δικά σου!!

  9. @christina prospatho na eimai organomeni !! Pisteuw se olous mas , mas exei tixi na pirame kati kai na min mas arese ala elpizw na mathame to mathima mas kai na pernoume deigmata!!

    @Claire d. t Sto Hondos Center treles lene , na rotas sto counter pou einai i etairia oxi sto tameio. Egw exo mathi twra pia farmakia me dinoune kai pia oxi kai aplos den patao ksana. Mou exei tixi na pao se farmakeio na paro pausipona kai xoris na pw tipota na mou leei i gunaika dialekse oti deigma theleis !! Pandos Kleo min ntrepese , eidika otan agorases kati ... xo