Monday, 16 January 2012

My New Loisir Watch

Hello Girls !
I dont know if any of you saw but Loisir had done a bloggers competition where you had to submit your own collage of a look you would wear with one of the watches, which by the way come in different colors. I was one of the winners and i received my watch a couple of weeks ago and i love it so much i decided to let you know all about it. 
Collage that won.

Since i won based on the purple theme/ watch i decided it would be best to choose the purple watch to receive...

I love the quality of this watch , even though its a jelly watch -it doesnt feel too fake. Its very clear and precise with the time and there was a booklet with my watch called Instructions Guarantee. Its very stylish as well especially now that lots of bracelets worn together is in fashion , it looks so fab next to them. If you would like to see more colors and some information just ask on their Facebook Group Loisir
Thank you so much once again Loisir !! I think the next color i will be getting is white or pink !

Shamballa Bracelet
The photographs where i am wearing the watch for anyone interested the bracelet next to it with the diamond disco balls are called Shamballa bracelets and i know the England has been going crazy over them- everyone is wearing them. Check out Ebay if you are interested in getting one... I got myne from my Uncle's jewellery business. 

Thanks everyone for reading and let me know if you have one of these or would like one !!

Kisses xo



  1. Τέλειο το ρολογακι τέλειο!!! Με γεια σου!!! Το χω γραψει και αλλου αλλα νομιζω οτι το διαφημιστικο φυλλάδιο το αδικεί αυτό το ρολόι!! Πρεπει να ναι τέλειο απο κοντα!!

  2. Συγχαρητήρια!
    Πολύ όμορφο και το μωβ. Τα χω λατρέψει αυτά τα ρολόγια κι όπως είπε η Κερασία τα αδικούν οι photos του promotion, live είναι πολύ πιο όμορφα

  3. Koritsia exete dikio !! Pragmatika einai pio wreo apo konda , den mporo na to perigrapso !! Sas euxaristo gia ta sxolia sas :) xo

  4. Πόσο ζηλεύω, πόσο ζηλεύω!!!
    Λατρεύω το ΜΟΒ!
    Με γειά σου και καλοφόρετο!
    Είναι υπέροχο...

  5. @angelmary latreuw kai egw to mov !! se euxaristo poli :) xo

  6. ωω!! ναι το ειχα δει οτι κανουν διαγωνισμο μου ηρθε ενα μειλ αλλα δεν προλαβα να φτιξαω κατι ετσι μες στο τρεξιμο της καθημερινοτητας..
    συγχαρητηρια!!!!καλοφορετο να το χαρεις!!
    πολυ ωραιο το μωβ κ η εικονα που δημιουργησες!
    παντα τετοια γλυκια μου!


  7. Είναι υπέροχο :) Με γεια σου!!

  8. Εσύ είχες κάνει την πρόταση με το ασημί Louboutin!!! Συγχαρητήρια θα το χτυπήσω κ εγώ το ρολογάκι σε λευκό νομίζω!!!xoxoxo

  9. Sas euxaristo olous gia ta omorfa sas sxolia :) xo

  10. Πολύ όμορφο το ρολόι με γεια σου καλοφόρετο!!! Μάλλον ήρθε η ωρα να αποκτήσω ένα.........φιλιά

  11. Thank you Natasa !! Kai egw ena allo :p :)xo

  12. that watch is so cool! x

    Also, i'm running a giveaway on my blog at the moment for either an American Apparel clutch bag or Models Own nail varnishes so please check it out!

  13. Oh wow, congrats on winning, the watch is lovely, such a nice shade of purple, too :) xx

  14. Wow, I'm impressed by this watch, I wouldn't have been able to tell it's jelly! How awesome!

  15. The watch is really lovely!! congrats again :D it looks so very beautiful!!

    xoxo hanz