Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A very late ...Happy New Year & Winners !

Hello Ladies !
I want to begin with asking you all to forgive me for being so late in saying my wishes ! The truth is i have had such a busy week , i dont seem to be able to to catch up on life. For the first time i can actually say i have ate so much, that i am really sure the pounds have piled on again.God Damn them. 

My Thank you Message 

I wanted to take this opportunity to express the way i feel about myself , the blog and your lovely selfs of course. My story on how i started this blog is really quite complicated and im going to discuss it some other time ... 2011 was a tough year for me and i think it was for many others as well. I found my peace when writing this blog , what i love about blogging is writing , expressing my opinion , meeting new people and connecting with them. 

If you dont blog i recommend you do. I like to call it my 'time out from the world' .When i start typing , i forget about everything thats going on and kind of press the switch off button. Its hard to describe , i guess everyone has their way they connect with blogging. I am so grateful i have a blog that people read and proud that its managed to get and do what it has done within less than a year. Thank you for supporting this . 

I want to give a huge shout out to the Greek Beauty Bloggers who i have connected with in all different ways . I love how even though all of us have one thing in common (beauty blogging) we are all so unique in the way we write and do it. After all how boring would it be if we were all the same , right ?! Such fantastic women all of you and i really do wish you the all the best for yourselves and your blogs , im just so glad that i got to meet you all through Glittermeup !! 

My final but not least thank you message of course goes to the audience , who sit and read my content . Who trust me ... I cant even describe how great it feels to know i have this almost 'cyber ' connection with you all . I would never trade the love and affection i receive from all of you for anything and i do mean this from the bottom of my heart - i am always here for you all. 

Thank you. 

Winners Garnier BB Cream 

Wow , this has had such an extremely positive response , it had been by far the most 'entered' competition. Let me know feedback , was it because there were many prizes or because you liked the prize. (So i know what you like for giveaway !) 

I really do hope these BB creams do go to someone who has been really dying to try them !!


'Vasso Tsolaki'
'Syvilla Sch'
'P.A Bura ' 

Blog .


Congrats !!

Thank you all so much for taking part !! I will be contacting you all via facebook /email. 

Stay tuned for more competitions and of course a new post will be coming soon !! 
Kisses xo


  1. Happy New Year honey!!! We've missed you!!!

  2. Καλη χρονια!
    Ευχομαι ο,τι καλυτερο για το 2012!
    Να σου φερει ο,τι επιθυμεις!
    Miss Starshiny

  3. Happy New Year doll! I wish you all the best! your blog is lovely keep up the good work!! :) xx