Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Greek Carnival Photographs

Hello !!
I am so tired from all the celebrations. I went out on Saturday night , which i absolutely hated there was barely space for em to breathe never mind stand. Sunday was the best night for me , still a lot of people but it was so fab and yes , there was enough space in the clubs to breathe !!! I decided to do a different post and show you some photographs of makeup looks i did and of Sunday nights goings on . Enjoy :) 

Makeup looks i did 


Which one is your favorite ?! 

My photographs 

Thats about it lovers !!! Hope you all had a fabulous time during the carnival , let me know your news and what you dressed up as !!!

Kisses xo


  1. Aww, the scooby doo look is adorable! The pictures from your night out are lovely, too, you're so pretty! xx

  2. Αααααα!!!! Παιδιαααα τι κουκλος ο scooby!! Εκλεψε την παρασταση!! Αλλα κ ο αναρχικος-κατι τετοιο- κ ο κλοουν κουκλακια :-)
    Πολυ πετυχημενα μακιγιαζ παντως;-)