Thursday, 16 February 2012

Haul Time !!!

Hello Everyone !!
Hope you all had a fabulous Valentines Day regardless whether you were in a relationship or not. If you follow me on twitter you will know i cooked my boyfriends favorite meal in more of a romantic theme rather than go out and spend lots of money, we do have a crisis after all going on here in Greece. Apart from that i got some new stuff that i decided you would probably like to see , so keep reading. 

If you would like to see a review on any of these products , drop a comment below and let me know and i shall review it. 


Lipstick in Pink Pop.

Juicy Moisture Body Spray in Violet and Lychee. 

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask in Thailand Lotus Flower 

 (far left swatch)

Colortrend Oil Control Translucent Powder 

Advance Techniques Biggest Size Hair Bursh


My boyfriend's sister went to Austria and she told me she got me a bath bomb as a present that cost 5 euro. My first initial thought was what a waste and how expensive for a bath bomb thats probably not branded. When i actually got the stuff to my excitement i saw they were from Lush , i wish i had known earlier i would have gave her some money to bring me lots of stuff back. Sadly she didnt know anything about the brand and i made sure i let her know that all bloggers go crazy for Lush. 

Bath Bomb in Spacegirl 

Bath Bomb in Sex Bomb 

Other stuff.


(middle swatch)

My oriflame lipstick i won in Pink Nude. 

Golden Hat Illuminating Smooth Powder in 001 by Lancome 

 I was sent to try out ...

Fushi Beauty Totale 

XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe in Dark 

Hi2 Cosmetics samples 

Nails of the week 

Hope you enjoyed all the photographs !!! 
Do you have any of the items i have , would you like to try any of them?! 



  1. τι ωραία πράγματα που πήρες! μεγειά!!

  2. Εχω το κραγιον της Αβον το πινκ ποπ, και ειμαι απολυτως δυσαρεστημενη, ειναι σαν λιποσαν απλα κολλαει περισσοτερο και δεν δινει χρωμα, δεν κανει απλα τπτ. και το σχημα του ....ασχολιαστο. απλα το πεταξα. ολα τα αλλα που πηρες ομως φαινονται πολυ ωραια πραγματακια!!!

  3. Πολύ όμορφα τα καινούρια σου πραγματάκια! Με γειά σου:-)

  4. Μεγεια σου!!
    Λοιπον εχω τη μασκα την planet spa και ειναι φοβερη!!
    Λάτρεψα τα νυχάκια σου!!!

  5. Με γεια σου :) Το κραγονάκι έχει ωραίο χρώμα!!

  6. Καλημέρα!
    Σε περιμένει ένα βραβειάκι εδώ:

  7. elpida mou! pare ena award

  8. Mε γεια σου Ελπίδα,πολύ καλές επιλογές...την μάσκα planet spa την έχω και είναι μια από τις αγαπημένες μου!!Καλό σ/κ...

  9. Ooh, I've been dying to try some Xen-Tan for what feels like forever, but just can't afford it for the time being :(
    Lush is hands-down my favourite company for bath products, they're quite expensive but worth it (in my opinion)!
    Your nails look lovely, by the way :) xx

  10. By the looks of things most people loved the planet spa face mask i got !!! I will make sure i do a review on this soon !! Thank you all for your lovely comments !! xo