Monday, 13 February 2012

My Valentines Day Gift & Erre Due

Hello Ladies !
I want to first of all begin with saying a huge thank you to the Garnier team for sending me an early Valentines Day present. Yes , thats right who would have thought my secret valentine lover this year would be Garnier . Hahahaha... I want to share with you also some other random things !

Garnier BB Gift  

Garnier contacted me and told me they would like to send a little something for Valentines Day. I was so shocked this morning when i saw this beautiful red box with a couple of goodies in. 

The Garnier BB Cream of course which has become a staple in my makeup bag and im actually glad they sent me another one as my first tube of it is nearly finished. I have already done a review on this product, but in case theres any newcomers here's another swatch in the color 02- Light.  You can find it at Hondos Center if you live in Greece...

They also sent me a USB that has written on it ''I love BB'' - i absolutely love this little gadget that will remind me of how much off a beauty addict i am.

Last but not least a great tasting biscuit that was heart shaped with icing on top and again the logo ''I love BB'' . This company is as sweet as their biscuits , which by the way who ever made them they had such a great taste.

Erre Due

I just wanted to show you my Erre Due eyeshadow i got free from Madame Figaro. Mine is in the color number 53 and its from the deep matte collection.

 I havent tried it yet , but when i do ill make sure i let you know my feelings on this !
I have already showed you the nail varnish i got free with the magazine in my previous post , which i was very pleased with. I remembered my aunty had given me an Erre Due nail polish and i decided to swatch it for all of you and also tell you how pleased  i am with this as well. 

Last Minute in 65.
Thank you ... 

This is my thank you to all of you who have voted me for Zuneta's vlogger competition , i really appreciate it , the results will come out on the 16th of this month. I hope i win !!
Do you love BB?! I think i may have fallen in love :p
That is my question to all of you ...

Kisses Everyone and Stay Safe xo



  1. Τι υπέροχο δωράκι από την Garnier :)
    Και τα χρωματάκια από την σκιά και τα μανό πολύ όμορφα!!

  2. I love the BB biscuit! I got a few samples of the Garnier BB cream, it was unfortunately too dark for me!

  3. Πολύ γλυκειά κίνηση από τη Garnier!
    Μ'αρέσει τοοοοσο πολύ το USB και το μπιστοτάκι πολύ λαχταριστό!

  4. @claire se euxaristo poli glukia mou :)

    @linda i do too :)

    @sophie did you try the light in the swatch i have ?! I know , i wish they gave you them free with the BB cream :p

    @angelmary pragmatika itan kai den mporousa na vro logia na tous euxaristiso :)


  5. the nail color is amazing i love it :)) happy v day!

  6. ...Sigxaritiria!!! esteilan kai se alli mia kopela!!
    Me geia sou!!
    …All in Style…!

  7. πολύ γλυκιά κίνηση από τη Garnier!
    Το Madame Figaro το πήρα και εγώ και έμεινα τρελά ευχαριστημένη από τη σκιά και το βερνίκι της Εrre Due!

  8. Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.
    Leo Buscaglia

    Garnier is super!

    Happy V-day!

  9. Awww how cute of them, even though I don't support Garnier. I've heard this BB Cream is more of a tinted moisturizer but I have only tried the one from Marcelle so I can't relaly compare.

  10. @fashionista its like a barbie pink !! i love it too :)

    @stavrolino thanks :)

    @eleni tin skia den tin dokimasa akoma , anipomono na dw pos tha einai :)

    @despoina its a great company :)

    @gaby yeah i guess it is comparable to a tinted moisturizer , it doesnt provide full coverage , thats for sure. Its great as a base though :)

  11. really cute και μου άρεσε πολύ και το βερνίκι!