Sunday, 11 March 2012

Edward Bess Quad Royale Review

Hello !
As many of you will know , i did win Zuneta's vlogger competition and i got some goodies as my prize. Once again thank you all so much for voting for me , i owe you a competition , which is coming very soon , stay tuned. Today i decided to review the Edward Bess quad royale palette that was sent to me for review which i was soooo excited about. I have heard the best things about Edward Bess and his cosmetic line.

Edward Bess Quad in Monte Carlo 02. 

This arrived in deluxe black packaging , think Chanel style. The palette is about the size of the iphone once again with the black theme continuing , it reminds me of Chanel cosmetics. It comes with a brush , a mirror inside and the powder itself. 

The packaging i absolutely loved the black and white themed color and of course the waterproof case ( which is very easy to wipe down). One of the other things i loved was the mirror, the mirror is as wide as the palette. A lot of the times when buying palettes either eyeshadows, blushers one of the most annoying things is the little thought they put into the mirror size. How am i supposed to apply blusher if i can barely see all of my cheek in this mirror and im talking about situations when you are out or on holiday. Edward Bess gets tres bien from me because the mirror is so big , i can see half of my face. 

The palette also comes with a deluxe brush again black and white theme , the brush is wide enough to apply just enough bronzer on the cheeks , all you need to do is place it on your cheek bone and swipe it back and forth. This is great for a beginner ... The brush is great quality and picks up the powder perfectly and blends perfectly into the skin. The only thing i dont like about it is the powder which gets very powdery when you are trying to get some on the brush, but i can cope. 

The Monte Carlo 02 powder comes in these beautiful colors which remind me of bronzer, highlighter and blusher together. There are 4 parts to the blusher hence the word quad- the first part is a highlighter , the second is a bronzer and the the other two are like blusher. Well thats what they look like to me ! What i love about this particular palette that i have is that it is a color that would match all skin tones , it is buildable and in one stroke it combines everything you could possibly need on your cheeks. 

The product is long lasting and i would recommend as a must have for summer because it gives a glow to your skin and tan. The great thing about this powder also is that this could be used as an eyeshadow as well. 

Overall i think this is a fabulous palette even though the price tag is a bit big at 41.18 euro however if i was going to splurge i would buy this again because believe me it makes my skin look beautiful !! This has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine , so i guess that shows how much i loved this !

Zuneta also offers free wrapping for all deliveries and delivers worldwide. 

Have you tried Edward Bess products?! Will you be trying this ?!

Kisses xo


  1. I love the shades! They are my favorite colors!!!

    great review, girl!

  2. Ειναι πανεμορφο!

  3. @korina the shades look beautiful on the skin !!

    @christina simfono !!

  4. Είναι πολύ όμορφο :)

  5. The palette looks great! I have tried the Ultra Sleek Lipstick and i love it!I would to try more products from this brand!

    Kisses xxx

  6. great post! never tried products from this brand but they look great!!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!

  7. Yikes, the price is a bit steep! But it does look like a lovely product that would give a classy discrete shine. Like you said, I imagine it will be perfect in warmer weather! xxxx

  8. Πραγματι τα χρωματα φαινονται φανταστικα!
    Πολυ καλο review :)

  9. Οκ, ψιλοντρέπομαι αλλά θα το ομολογήσω. Ούτε που τα είχα ακούσει αυτά! Πρώτη μου φορά τα βλέπω αλλά είναι πολύ όμορφα. Νομίζω τα χρώματα σου πάνε πολύ, καλοφόρετα να είναι και εσύ πάντα τυχερή!

  10. So pretty colours and luxurious packaging!! Thanks for the review doll!

  11. @claire d t simfono :)

    @beautymagnets ooo the lipsticks sound very interesting you should do a review at some point !!

    @citygirl you're welcome !

    @y it will be perfect on sunkissed skin !!

    @artemi thank you :)

    @eleni se euxaristo poli , min drepese katholou !! egw otan eixa parageilei apo to zuneta ematha tin marka - prin ta xristougenna !!

    @nataliedouka yes its luxury !!



  12. looks lovely girl...and i love that color!

  13. ΟΚ νομιζω οτι ειναι απολυτα λογικο και ανθρωπινο και δε θα με κραξετε αν πω οτι.... ΣΚΑΩ ΑΠ'ΤΗ ΖΗΛΕΙΑ ΜΟΥ!!!!! :-Ρ
    "think Chanel style" ??? OMG γιατι μας το κανεις αυτο? Και γιατι πρεπει και τα χρωματα να ειναι τοσο μα τοσο τελεια?
    ΟΚ αφου εκδηλωθηκα κ ηρεμησα..να πω οτι ειναι παρα πολυ καλο και οπως καταλαβες και η παλετα τελεια!!

  14. I've never tried Edward Bess products, but this quad looks lovely :) such sleek packaging, too! xx

  15. Θελω και εγω να αγορασω καινουριο ρουζ.
    Ωραιες αποχρωσεις!
    Miss Starshiny

  16. @fashionista i agree !!

    @beautyincrisis hahahaha to sxolio sou itan teleio !! distixos einai oso teleio deixnei !!

    @francesca yes i know its my first time too , you will love it !

    @miss starshiny kai i mac exoun kala rouz na ksereis :)

  17. Φαίνεται πολύ όμορφο...αν και η τιμούλα είναι απαγορευτική για μένα...Ωραίο review παρόλα αυτά!! Να το χαρείς αφού το κέρδισες!! Φιλιά!!